Do you spend gold?

I’m basically at the point o no longer need to spend gold on anything, got my leggo grudge, got 5x3 etc.

Now all it’s left is to transition 3 of my gold earners the support for easy carries by juicers. I don’t plan to invest anything in them except a relic stone. Also I don’t plan to push them at all. If ags gives a 1460 express it’s a 1460 support. If it gives a 1490 express it will be a 1490 support.

Meaning I now no longer care about pheons, blue crystals, accessories engravings or anything on the market except new skins. I no longer will participate in any of the gold sinks except on main for obvious reasons.

Reason for this post is a remembered the El cheapo gunner that I would deny even in my valtan lobbies that sits on 2 mil gold and doesn’t give a fuck about the character, just mm’s Cali and expects to leech.

How many are in the same position? How many alts have you forsaken that others need to carry because you don’t give a fuck ?

Because im turning the same, making support and except to leech because of that even tho I would have the resources to build it properly.

this just sounds like you dont have enough characters / classes that you like playing


This is why I always said, a lot of the “Gatekeeping” is coming from salty “vets”. You’re burnt out dude. This is exactly why I gear all my alts as much as I do, aside from gatekeeping being absurd, this right here. If my toons aren’t strong enough to make up the lack of damage and carry even shit like guardian raids, playing this game would be miserable. How do you not have anything to spend gold on? Do you have full level 10 gems? 100 weapon quality, 100 armor quality? Perfect bracelet? You don’t have to get these things but theres much more gold you could invest in your toons. This just sounds like you need to take a break from the game for a while. You’re literately becoming the type of player you gatekept.


I hone all 6 of my mains evenly and 4 of them are about to hit 1520 this week. All of them are 5x3, 90+ quality weapon, full lvl 7-9 gems (except my support).

I also have another subalt support I pushed to brel, and working on a scrapper which is sitting at 1475.

Honing all my chars this week to try to hit 1520 removed a significant amount of gold.

I also pay 50k for every selector I see even though I have los 30 and lwc 30. I like min maxing demon damage so I need those (and for my eventual striker).

I have 8 extra selectors currently. I also have <100k gold right now

LOL are you talking about me? My 4/3 actually outdps most players that are not 1490 in Valtan lobbies… Yeah… ilvls.

But hey thanks to AGS I got my brand new 5/3 Gunslinger. Got my 100 pheons for free and spent around 70k gold to get 5/3 easy pz.

Supports are ok with 4/3 don’t really need a major investment. I’m still 4/3 but I will transition to 5/3 on Brel Hard. I assume the new accessories will be out as well.

Don’t get mad because players want to play cheapo builds :slight_smile: . We budget/free players are just waiting for free handouts dude.

i actually don’t understand cheapos.

What are you planning on doing hoarding that gold.


Yoz Jar maybe Ester weapons? Personally Yoz Jar for costumes.

If you have a reason you’re saving gold for its fine. Hoarding gold for just hoarding gold never made sense to me.

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That guy responded to my 1490 Gunslinger that was 4/3 and he said he will deny my gunslinger in Valtan Lobbies.

It is not salty vets. Players have no clue and exaggerate figures they don’t understand.

I’m basically at the point o no longer need to spend gold on anything, got my leggo grudge, got 5x3 etc.

Same as me, i just need Silver, LOTS OF IT!

I swear that if i had enought silver i wouldnt had any gold left.

Yeah it’s you. I would def deny that gunner. He was basically 2x3 or something like this. Those 3 weapon taps can’t make up for everything missing.

As for gatekeeping I’m progressively a increasing my standards to the point even I would not have them for my alts. And why even bother in the first place if there is a costless alt in the form of support. Why have a full roster with lvl 7 gems 5x3 1490. When I couldn’t have 1 full lvl 10 1530.

Gate 0 will always be the hardest part of the raid I don’t want to wait more than 5 seconds for accept.

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Felt it as well. Moved 4 alts to lopang and I started doing cubes.

Honestly it feels good. Just knowing you can spend anytime on anything feels good.

Kinda weird, everytime if I open the lobby with the title “Alt run” most of them have good gear setup already - Proper stats, 4x3 engravings as mininum. Yes I take them at requirements level, one or no support run.
Aren’t you kind of person with supports who looks only lobby with full of big hugh juicers?

Only one alt I forsake to play, is under 1415. Another one alt, who has not good gear setup, get carried by bus driver, who got paid.

How did you know that someone sits on 2 millions gold or it’s just your assumption?

I have 4 x 3 1/1 1/1. See how you exaggerate things?

You ran spirit absorb. That is a -1 there. If you run meme engravings you aren’t truly 4x3.
4 or 5 x3 means BIS those not junk you picked up from chaos dungeons.

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About a month ago I hit that point, all my 6 gold earners are geared, not really pushing honing right now (basically just slowly pushing my roster over 1520 naturally with a few hones every time they unlock a Brel piece.)

i did burn a bunch of gold getting 2nd spec’s for everyone, such as a Reflux & Gravity Training just for some variety and some fights it’s nice to have one or the other.

Eventually everyone hits that tipping point where they can either choose to sit on gold and then the game honestly starts to feel a lot more enjoyable.

2 of my 6 would be what you call “leechers” my DB and Lancer are 1445/1460 and have a basic 4x3 setup. I don’t care about them, one of them is just an AYAYA placeholder anyway. Generally I try to find guild runs or whatever to get them done but they still carry their own regardless.

But it is an alt mushroom forager with a +21 weapon.

You can’t say it is -1 whoever runs spirit absorption. That be bad for anyone who wants to be a mushroom forager.

You realize how stupid it sounds.

You pushed a character to 1490 to be a mushroom foarger.

You even admitted that with that trash you ruin Cali mm lobbies. It can’t be that you aren’t trying to ruin raids with it as well.


It is not stupid when you have bound mats for it. You understand that right?

Yeah because I use pots and consumables in Caliligos runs? I actually use my spacebar and movement skills to dodge. You think I ruin players for running SA? Sheesh you got strict guidelines.

Edit: You know who ruins Caliligos runs the ones that don’t HP pots or consumables and take all groups lives because they can’t dodge and therefore you got less players to do the mechanics. Same as every raid.