Do you think this patch will revive or kill the game?

Do you guys think this patch will bring in new people/old people or are we on the slipper slope down to a dead game? 85k CCU split on 5 regions is not looking good. If 80 people have esther weapon in korea with roughly 200k CCU? How many will have it in EU? Less then 10 people? And what do the game get even more? A stinky p2w stench. Atleast everything before esther was grindable, but now? Now we going into dead game territory like Archeage/BDO bois.


dont care :smiley:


Your comment show you care :smiley:


Just so you know, Esther’s weapon bonuses are party-wide- meaning everyone in the party will benefit from 1 whale having it.
And Ancient weapon level +25 is as good as +6 Esther weapon. Level 8 Esther is only 5% better than the +25 Ancient weapon, which is already a massive waste of resources.

Not to mention Akkan’s weapon is as good as Esther’s weapon.


The patch notes sounds great but in my head I was thinking how much money will be required for all these things if i wanted to play to bother playing and…

Since they haven’t addressed money in the patch notes, guess you have your answer


No one I play with will ever have it.

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200k CCU of Bots wanting to make money of the people wanting to RMT for a Sidereal Wepaon yes xD

True. The bots will come back with a vengence :smiley:

You care too much about game population

If you enjoy the game, play it. If you don’t, don’t.

It’s that simple


You should care about game population cus who wanna play a dead game? Guardian raid MM? Sit and wait? Cube/Boss rush? SIt and wait? Wait 20 min for a legion raid? deadge. Not only once but six times if you play a full gold roster. It is a mmo not single player skyrim/elden ring you can play solo :smiley:


Yes, and we just have to wait until Akkan’s release.
People buy Esther mostly because it’s rare, the glow and for the label “Look at me guys, I’m rich and special”
Stats-wise, there is no noticeable difference.
At the end of the day, it cost ten thousand $$, so most people won’t bother with owning one.
It’s one of those scenarios where the devs trying to milk the 0.001% whale in the game.

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People kept telling me the previous game I played was a dead game 1st year in, it lasted for 6 years before I quit and is still ongoing

Never once had a problem with content as long as you have friends

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Neither, this patch was why i started playing lost ark, so i can beat brel hard and make esther.

Newbies and returners got their patch with ayaya, this is for the ppl that have been grinding their rosters to farm brel hard

I dont think were gonna get an influx of players/lobbies like artitst patch.

Hope you’re a saudi prince.


how about neither?

dont see anything that would make someone quit or come back.

Don’t you have dailies to do, like is your main roster done? Have you bought out the shop, done cube, boss rush. Finished your guild missions. Y’all have so much time to complain about nothing in this site, do you all actually play the game?

Yeah, only downhill to dead game like archeage bdo now. They need to MILK the population that is left

Can’t kill what is already ded…


I play this game everyday and don’t like this comment for my main game but we all have to admit that LA is very close to called a dead game, with 80k con players which includes at least 30-40k bots means only 40-50k con players across 5 region. Also with 20 items daily limit AH barely have stuff for sale like accessories and tripods for some classes are doomed completely.

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LA population will stay higher than BDO because bots will exist forever at some capacity.