Do you think you'll be 1415 by the start of May?

Any thoughts?

I feel like I will be waiting for a while for valtan to come out at the end of may.

no sadly but i might be there by june/july if I’m lucky :-D.

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Seeing as how I’m 1360 right now I highly doubt it. But I think I might be close.


So far im not near 1400 spent 16k and got full fails ,just imagine going to 1415 since is like going from 1355-1370 again,but it feels even worst

you might hit 1415 at the right time if you’re 1360 right now

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Yeah, Im already like 1408.

1405 now so yes i think

Nope. I dont have my class. So i see no reason to.


1395 right now, so maybe I’ll make it. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is an ilvl above 1385 in my future, therefore it doesn’t exist.

untiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllll Christmas or something.

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yes and no. you can do 10% chance on a few pieces and get them to 1430 or even 1445 making the average 1415 without all the pain from 1365 to 1370. hell just having gloves 18 wpn 16 and everything else 12 will get u 1415 and save u tons of mats than getting everything to 15… not to mention those two pieces are like 40% of ur dmg and worth more than all the others combined.

I’m hoping to hit 1370 sometime soon, if I can get enough gold and mats to make it happen, that is.

If not, I’ll be gone, my fault for not rushing to T3 to stock up on gold/sell mats, etc… Played the game like an idiot by doing quests and only playing a couple of hours a day.



The general rule of thumb was at least a minimum of 3 alts per 1 main character. Unlike a lot of people who smashed their mains only to a high gear score, I have constantly been redistributing my resources among all my characters. I am currently 1400 gs and have just finished getting all 3 of my alts to 1370. Now that all my alts can farm greater leapstones, this will easily push my main to 1415. The game is designed around alts and I think a lot of people neglected doing this and thus have fallen behind. I always recommend people to make alts because it will greatly increase your progression. (I understand some people don’t like this playstyle and thats fine, they just have to be fine with being behind people who whale or grind a lot)

Gl if you think is ez to hit +15 with something since it is more harder to hit +15 than to +17 , at least if you one tap everything . 1385 to 1415 , is like going again from 1325 to 1370 but even worst counting it consumes more gold

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not saying it easy to get to 15, just easier to get 2 items over 15 than 6 items to 15… MUCH MUCH easier. thus 1400-1415 is MUCH easier than 1365-1370. I’m 1404 and already have a +15 item and a +14 ONLY using bound greater honor leapstones from 1385+

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Honing is alot easier past 1370, people will get there, specially due to events.

I’m already 1403. By may I’m expecting to reach 1445 and have all 5 alts 1340 at least.

if you play only 1 character ,no alts .Highly doubt .
with t3 alts pretty you can

its hard to say, but after asking my friends what mats they got from doing argos and hard mode orehas this week, i feel like i wont have enough materials to hone to 1415, since i heard 1400-15 is a bigger wall than 1340-1370, and right now i am still 3 taps away from 1370.

lets see what kind of welfare honing event they give us next