Do your part - Go to Atlas

My theory is that they are using the daily login bonus to get pirate coins, which in turn they exchange for rapport items to trade with Thirain for gold. Do your part.


We’ve bugged them out.


They’ve tried restarting the bots 7 times now and keep on getting bugged out.


Not all heroes wear capes.


I love this, doing great work. Now hopefully they don’t figure out how to report you all at once (even for no reason ofc).

Was my favorite thing in FFXI was killing off RMT/bot parties. Dragging a stupidly strong super monster over to the group and calling for help (let everything tag it) the bots would auto provoke and wipe their whole group.


Please free me up and get this NPC temporarily disabled.


I was disappointed to see on Regulus there were no bots on the island. I wanted to go smash some.

We have 2 channels full of them on Thirain EU. Really need this NPC disabled for the time being ASAP.

They never stop

Wtf i’m going to this island rn

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best one shot record

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Keep up the good work.

@Seawolf @Shadow_Fox @Roxx

Begging for you guys to see if you can get the NPC temporarily disabled.


Funny enough you can just block them and they panic. The ones that can run through terrain got through but only two of them could do that

I was fine blocking the zerkers, the problem is the sorcs squeeze through and use terrain bug to get past.

:confused: yar also 3 regular people died in the expedition. But these are sacrifices that I don’t mind making

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Currently on Thirain CH1 we have it like this, but CH2 we had a bit of an issue mirroring these results.

I appreciate the good work at thwarting the bots!!

I believe at this time Thirain’s rapport rewards have been changed to not include gold, I could be wrong but I’ll check with the team.

Otherwise, thank you for showing this to me, I’ll make sure the team is fully aware of what is going on!


Hey, thanks for the reply and thanks for noticing. Well it may not be Thirain specifically, but whenever I look on Lost Ark codex, I actually can’t find the purpose of this NPC. I’m trying to figure out myself what his part is to play with bot desirability. If you have that info at hand, you could pull up a link in what their current objective is for gold generation and look at ways to limit their sources moving forward.

Have you guys came across the idea of disabling gold trades and gold mailing?
Gold sellers would resort to auction house purchases of extremely high priced items and would be easier to track that way! Just an idea you could pass to the team <3
Thank you for the work!

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