Does 1 person reporting bots do anything?

I was on my alt earlier, and for a long time now, I usually spend several minutes reporting bots before I do my dailies, thinking I’m helping. But a friend of mine told me that it actually needs numerous people to report the exact same bot for anything to happen. Is this true? Am I just wasting my time and me reporting bots actually don’t get that bot checked up on?

Thanks ahead of time to those that responds.

Yea, i report them until i realised nothing will change, nobody ban them… If they realy want to ban bots, they can simple enter in game, go to honing/farming location and ban bots… Is so easy to find them, just look at their name, stronghold name (nameless teritory or something), they are in groups… I start thinking they don`t want to ban them…

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I’m pulling a speculation here but
I’ve realised people get banned when they get mass reported by en masse instead of individual single reports due to jealousy lol

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it helps you practice right clicking people

I usually report them too if I run into one. Kinda doubt it does much tho.

Would be fun to create a community bot reporting event. I mean people abuse mass reports in GvG to auto ban the highest ilvl players. Why not use that power for something useful.

i don’t report them. it’s a waste of time anyways… they’ll always exist and there’s no solutions for them.

No. I can say with 100% certainty that 1 person reporting bots does literally nothing. I’ve been reporting the same bots in NA East for over a month yet they are still there life skilling in Yorn and joining people’s busses.

Not sure how reports work, but 1 person reporting someone in this game doesn’t seem to even trigger some kind of automated flag/investigation.

I don’t think reporting is even necessary when it’s so obvious to tell a real player from a bot. AGS needs to hire someone to ban bots 24/7 or at least have a daily ban wave to see fewer bots because their bot detection/prevention software only works for 1 day or less.

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