Does a static group / guild make it better?

Hey there guys,

First of all please no toxic and smart ass comments, thank you - save time for both of us :slight_smile:

So I have been playing since release and was kind of tryharding in the beginning but after getting my main (paladin if that matters) to 1415 and had 2 alts at 1340 I got kind of overwhelmed by all the things you “have” to get and which take so much effort.

By that I mean - cards - where tf you all get them to have all those awakenings.
Collectibles + adventurers tome + rapports - mainly for skill points, don`t care about the cosmetic stuff etc.

Then I realized that since its korean game - its grindy af - and thats okay but you can never get to the top (lets say like in World of Warcraft where you grind after new season release but after that your item level does not change that much or you just farm better slot pieces etc.) or it costs you incredible amounts of real cash. There you might oppose that you are 100% F2P and you are already kakul saydon ready, well good for you but for us with physically / psychically demanding jobs you just don`t have time and energy to play every day and my schedule is different every week.

So I just quit after crafting Argos set + honing to 1415

But now I kind of wanted to get back - so I pushed my 2 alts to 1390 and another 2 just to 1310, yet my main is stuck at 1415 because I just kind of cannot get myself to even try Valtan with pug groups or matchmaking - everyone is toxic AF most of the time and wipe after wipe with randoms is far from entertaining. And I am not paying anyone for bus

Therefore my question - What makes you play and even try new raids / dungeons. Does having a static group / active guild make it worth it?

Thank you

Someone with demanding 12h shifts :slight_smile:

I mean having friends does make it more fun. But really if the game doesn’t fit into your schedule there really isn’t anything to do about it. If you can’t enjoy the game unless you are keeping up with the top then this just isn’t the game for you.

You have to recognize that unlike WoW and other MMOs the content in this game never gets “outdated”. You getting to valtan now or a month from now is the exact same experience as someone 2 months ago getting to valtan. Same for vykas and it’ll be the same for Clown. It’s not like WoW where if you don’t do the raid before the next raid comes out it’s gone. The content will be there for you to do as it was back when it came out.

Sure having good guild is great to have. You can enjoy game with them, easier to get on discord to comminicate and so on. Regarding game, i was pushing from beggining too much as well, achieved build i am satisfied with at 1445 and 2 relic set pieces and i slowed down soooo much. I have 2 alts and i dont do anything until i have rest bonus. I can pick anytime what i want to do at that moment and jusz dont care about honing to ilvl 1900.