Does a weapon chest work on unreleased class?

I really wish i can give a Spring Dream weapon for reaper.
Can I buy it now and wait till its released??

i wanna buy the ironman gear for scouter as well. and idk if the new unrelease class would be able to use it as well. can some CM confirm this? tnx

Sadly it seems that the CMs just pick and choose what they want to respond to. Ive had times where I tag them directly, and not a single response.

Right now they are probably just trying to figure out how to put out the fire that is bound to come, caused by them releasing this skin that is perfect for scouter, but removing it from the game the day scouter releases. Its like SG and AGS just pay someone to think of ways to piss people off.

I know it’s not perfect, but if you are talking about something that’s currently for all classes, I would assume it gets updated to new classes when they are released.

From my understanding, like the omen skin for glaiv and destroyer- the skins DO work, but for the weapons they do not.

The way someone explained it to me was that the skins go off the base class,
i.e. Gunner, Warrior, Mage, etc.

Thats why the skins will work if you save the boxes, but the weapons will be un-openable on unreleased classes even if you save the box

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oh . ok :slight_smile:

No. It didn’t work like that with the Omen weapon. This one should be similar.

Hey if it’s the armor skin for base class it will be fine. But it won’t work with weapon (sub class exclusive)

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