Does Amazon really care for LA?

One look at Silver and Gold Founder’s Packs which are available since forever shows that there is problem in background. Problem in enthusiasm for Lost Ark from Amazon’s side.

There are Silver/Gold/Platinum Supply Crates. Yet Silver = Gold and then there is huge jump in content for Platinum one.

Amazon can make excuses for not showing us actual Northern Lawmaker Avatars, yet. But it takes minutes to fix few lines of text on goods that is being sold. (I feel like there is no respect for customer when goods have wrong description.)

And people notice. For me, I would be making choice between 25 and 50 Euro package as I do not like skins in 100 Euro Founder’s Package.
“Would”. But I am not, as I am waiting in disappointment. And while I am willing to wait till February to see Gold Pack skins. My trust in Amazon as game provider/distributor is close to hitting rock-bottom.

Moment my trust is gone, so is my willingness to play in any other way than F2P.

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dumb post delete this


A ton of words to say nothing useful…delete the post buddy it doesn’t help anyone and it doesn’t address any issue. (Gold is much more value than silver btw)


It’s a top seller despite the game not being released. I’m pretty sure they care about the game. Also if “silver=gold” and you don’t like the skins in the 100 euro package, then why would silver not be perfect for you?

And yeah, its not Amazon, the founder pack tiering and contents were structured in a similar way to release in other regions. There are different skins for the mounts and region skins. Leads me to believe SGR created the packages and Amazon merely decided on the pricepoints.

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Silver is not = gold there is additional reward for gold + avatar which definitely worth more than silver…
Unless this is clickbait topic which I fell for it


did you even think for a second before creating this thread? i don’t think so…


I don’t know why the others are being toxic. I think it’s reasonable to wonder where the heck the Lawmaker avatar preview is, considering that you’re paying a lot of money for it.

And to the OP, it’s nothing new. They need to keep the really cool things for the top priced package, that is called upselling. Having said that, I personally believe that people would rather appreciate a little more reach for the exclusive cosmetics as a token of sentimentality while keeping things in budget. There is little reason to buy the founders packages for crystals, since you can just buy it at launch in the store immediately.


doesn’t it sound ridiculous to complain about it while they already said they’ll show us the avatars and how they look ingame once they finish working on the video?


Few people reply in manner that suggest they got insulted over my post. Some assume, I can’t read. Yet I write about:

  • Silver Supply Crate
  • Gold Supply Crate
  • Platinum Supply Crate

And those are parts of respective Silver/Gold/Platinum Founder’s Packs.
And it remains true that Silver Supply Crate = Gold Supply Crate, while Platinum Supply crate is much better.

Please take moment to recognize difference between words “Pack” and “Crate”.

Thank You.

Silver crate is in silver pack
Gold crate is in gold pack
Plat crate is in plat pack
What do you not get with that? The names of the crates only refer to the packs they belong to and it’s not like AGS is hiding their content.
Yes silver and gold crates are the same but gold package takes his value somewhere else.

Edit : also, if you don’t want plat pack coz of the skin you don’t care about, you can buy gold + silver packs.


Take it this way. If intent was to have same content, then Silver+Gold Supply Crates could have been named “Adventurer’s Supply Crate” as chests inside are “Adventurer’s”.
Same way as Platinum Supply Crate could have been named based on its content “Hero’s”.

But even if one decides to be ignorant to this. It remains that resource used for so called “Gold Supply Crate” on web site is:

Founder’s Packs were available on 10th of June 2021. Their content will be accessible in game on 8th of February 2022. Which leaves 243 days in between. We have some 23 days left from entire sales window. For more than 90% of time packs will be available for purchase, there are problems. They may be ignored by community in part or as whole. But there are problems.

I wonder what would be response people would have if Platinum Supply Crate was exactly same as Silver and Gold.
Yet, what really changes between situation where seller uses 3 different names for same goods. And Situation where seller uses 2 different names for same goods and actually has appropriate name for 3rd as it is different thing?

Would it not be Amazon, but some unknown game studio on kickstarter, people would consider it to be yet another low effort cash grab.

And after examination of Gold Founder’s Pack, it looks like there has been very low effort put into pre-order site/packs creation.

In a way, I do not wonder why big companies show little respect to their customers. There are always more. And considering how rabid some responses on this very forum are in many topics…

Krater, I thank You for response. You are one of two people who actually cared to comprehend and tried to be constructive.

Lol…out of all the things you point out, it’s the supply crates?! Bro, supply crates are the least important item in the packs by far. The extra 3000 crystals and additional character slot already account for $40 if you were to buy in game… making the $25 upgrade from silver to gold already worth it. I’m not even taking into account the avatar. Coming from someone who has played the game… ANY ‘tier upgrade’ in supply crates has minimal to no impact on how you enjoy the game.


I’m pretty shocked at what people are crying about these days. This topic should be closed, at this point it’s just spam.

Look at the amazon shop how they sell it there…:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=280QCECLLU4T6&keywords=lost+ark&sprefix=lost+ar%2Caps%2C157&sr=8-2&language=en_US

Someone just summarized some items. That is what you are crying about…

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It’s going to be $10 per 1000 crystals and the expansion slot is going to be roughly $10.

Lol, eat your words when game comes out.

I will respectfully apologize if I’m wrong :kissing_heart:

hmm, how about KEKW

Seems pretty accurate to me. I would just say that this could be the pricing from experience from other games @Tectrek. You often get half the package price as currency on top to increase the total package price. It’s pretty normal to sell only privileges with the low tier packs, like headstart. But it should be clear that the value of the packs depends on what the buyer thinks it has value for them. If a pet, skin, or limited title has no value to you, then obviously the pack has less value to you than what you’re buying it for.
But with the higher packs, you get items like battle items that you can only get by investing time or gold in the auction house. However, the number of items you can craft is limited, so you’ll have to buy them with gold at some point. The gold value is linked to real money and a market of supply and demand, which we also don’t know.
So nobody knows how much the packages are actually worth and you can only determine how much the packages are worth at one point in time, but then they are no longer available anyway.

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Okay… interesting… Anyway your reply is “fun to read” :rofl:

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It is not about price point or best “value” package. It is about care for game and trust in distributor that holds future of game in his hand.

I did play Crucible. Main menu gave quite a few red flags. I knew not to expect much before joining match. I gave it 3 matches to make sure game has no future.

I refunded New World after beta. My extensive post is somewhere on NW forums. But to sum it up, both games had following problems:

  • too little, too late
  • copy+paste content
  • no soul
  • no long term fun potential

Yet it was problem of passion. People behind projects did not care. Copy paste starting locations, dungeons, NPCs, entire villages across the world, …
Those people knew project is bound to long term failure. But they knew that most of players will realize it too late for refund.

LA is not game to be played for one month. Neither was NW game to be played one month. But that’s time it took to all my friends to give up on NW.
Those packs do not instill confidence that Amazon is right entity to deliver LA to west.

And honestly, what I see on forums here seems like big portion of vocal members are not going to make game experience any better.
More I read, more disappointed I am. Amazon may tarnish game. (More changes they require, worse game will be.) But chance that community will self implode is much bigger.

If I use little off topic: I prefer to have original voiceover in game and subtitles. There was no need to remove original. Original faces did not have to be removed. If catering to progressive group was desired, new faces should become extra choice. None of game NPCs should have been color washed in any way. And high heels are stupid, I always prefer not to have them.

LA had simple and short road to success because base game is good:

  • translate
  • adjust monetization to western standards

I as millions of other people am looking for game I can spend years playing. Which in long term means serious time/money investment. I am no fool to throw 25/50/100/500 Euro on game blindly. I gave more to PoE and GGG deserved every bit of it. And I would like LA (amazon) to be worth it too. And yes, community in PoE used to be better than it is now, but it is still much less toxic than this.

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