Does anyone else experience random disconnection from the server?

Hi guys,

I play on Valtan server and everything was fine until today’s update. Today morning I was disconnected from the server within 5 mins of playing the game. I re-logged and everything was fine for couple hours. It happened again in the evening while I was playing ranked pvp. I tried the relog as soon as possible but could not come back in time and I lost mmr due to this. About 10 mins after this, I was disconnected for the 3rd time in a day.

This is the screen shot for my 3rd disconnection. The strange thing is that I have never disconnected from Lost Ark before. And from talking to random people in area chat, I was told some people had similar experience as me. So I suspect this is not my Internet’s problem.

Has anyone else experience disconnection from server after today’s patch?

For me, I can’t play this game with a wired connection for whatever reason, or it disconnects several times a day. But Wifi connection works just fine. It’s the only game that this is an issue… No idea why.

But for me, it’s been like this since release.