Does anyone else get PVP dysync?

I made it to diamond and this shit keeps happening over and over again and it just makes PVP so unappealing to play when it does this.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Maybe try a vpn, ive had like 2 desyncs since release. Probably some issue between ypu and the server. Though the immunity on tht skill is similar to the SS one, its a very small window.

Ping in this game is far too sensitive and SGS needs to fix their netcode. If you’re playing over 0-16ms you are absolutely at a disadvantage.

I have Google Fiber, play on East Coast with 43 ping. It does feel pretty rough but I know a lot of people have it worse.

I have fiber internet, <16ms connection and I have desync all matches.

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Yeah ive had it a number of times as well