Does anyone else use a system to make abilities on alts easier to remember

i.e do you just keep the default skill position, so if you select your 8 skills whatever key they bind too do you just use that or do you have a system

Personally i have a system
Q - is a movement sklil
W- is a synergy skill like a buff
E - is a counter
R - Main damage ability
A - some form of utility ability or damager
S-Some utility ability or damage
D- 3rd biggest damage ability
F-second biggest damage ability (any big charge damage ability goes here if alt has one)


I put counter on F or W most of the time (arcana, gs, bard, sh’s are on W, others are on F). And if I make a new alt try to position skills according to my main like you said, dps skills etc. Some of my old alts have their own set up but aren’t very similar to my main ones but I got used to them already :woman_shrugging:t2: most of my dmg skills are on bottom line on almost all of my chars

I use a system, very similar to what you have listed.

not in this game
but yea
muscle memory do wonders :slight_smile:

Yes. I try to keep my counter ability the same slot, longer cooldown abilities on the bottom row roughly sorted by time, a movement skill in the same slot, an AOE ability same slot etc.

Yep I do the same. Synergy skill always on A, counter on F, 2 main dps or most used skills on S and D. Top row I will adjust according to what I’m more comfortable with for each class.

I play DI SH so usually counters are W

Either Q or A are my “damage down” abilities (SS and Sorc)

If no rotation I try to order abilities by time as well, going from shortest to longest CDs, left to right respectively

GL is a bit different since there’s a rotation, so I have his rotation abilities set up up to be in a row to make it easier (kinda different now that Leap Attack CD fits every rotation now, but it works)

Switched my Z abilities to Tab (works for SH and Arty transformations, GL shield, and SS Bird AoE) and X to side mouse button (Sorc Reflux teleport and SS Bird kamikaze)

The best thing to do is see what feels right for you, because flow is different for each person

Once the muscle memory hits then it’s not too bad either, just hard to change if you need to

why so complicated? my skills are sort by rotation.
first skill to use A
second skill S
third D
and so on.

D is counter, carried over from WoW as my interrupt ability bind.
A is generally a mobility skill.

Other than that I guess I changed my Sidereal skills keybind because ZXC are awkward to hit for me. Followed my binding convention from other games.
Ctrl+C - Damage
Ctrl+D - Defensive
Ctrl+F - Crowd Control

i have mine like i do because i played league, in leauge R was your ultimate so i put the big damage ability on it. i found it wasnt natural to use counter on alts so i changed them all to the same as main which is E then changed alts synergy to w same as main and movement to q same as main and it makes it easy to play.

i also have z bound to a mousebuttom and a heal as a mouse button. makes shield for gunlancer easy and weapon switch in gun classes bonk mode for destroyer etc

I also have this system.

Q - Shield Bash
W - Guardian’s Thunderbolt
E - Leap Attack
R - Shout of Hatred
A - Shield Shock
S - Shield Charge
D - Bash
F - Nellasia’s protection

This helps me remember each ability on my alts.

absolutely have some form of system

for supports:

low coodown debuff goes on Q
First damage buff goes on W
Defensive buff goes on E
Second damage buff goes on S
Emergency protection goes on D
Counter / movement skill goes on A

For Dps it can vary a lot since playstyles are vastly different, but
Major long cooldown attack goes on R
instant Movement skill goes on A, but chain movement skills go on D (soulfist and deadeye have this)

If a counter is also a secondary movement skill but not as good as the primary movement skill, it goes on S (scouter avalanche and deadeye enforce execution)

Shields go on D except for Destroyer, since he needs many core spenders. That changes to F

F tends to be utility

more or less like that
Q dash
R counter
WE huge aoe
ASDF not huge aoe

and i use this

a decade old, but still works flawlessly. if only logitech make a new one with mechanical keys. gonna be awesome.

ASDFQW - usual skill cycle
E - Less used skill
R - Counter always

If counter is part of skill cycle, i just practice using r in my cycle and develop muscle memory

No I don’t do that, each character I learn them in term of abilities. Granted I have 4 Soulfist with the exact same ability pattern, my bard and sorc are completely independant in regards of how I build them up.

For my SF I use movement skill on Q and synergy on A.

yes, similar to the yours
plus the rotation is standard for each alt: i’m changing max 1 or 2 skills’ order different between caster or melee chars; except gunslinger, i can’t fit it on my common use and has many variations on all three stance.

I do this with counter abilities. Can’t remember if I do it with others.