Does anyone know how this is possible?

Does anyone know how this is possible?
Roster level 1 but 1500 iLvl

That must be a first.

Bro how is this possible? that guy is RL1 with phantom title. How they have purple compass with RL1? no shot, i think account is bugged or you edited it for memes.

Powerpass i guess.

So powerpass and a lot of buying mats/swiping but…

Does clearing brel not give you enough roster XP to level? Especially enough times to get the PLC title?

Edited! that costume is from last year halloween, then again I see a blurred bg behind the Roster number 1 and the extra stats are too high for roster 1 XD. Someone actually put time and effort to do this, sheesh!


If it does it’s surely fake.


Do you have to actually claim the roster rewards for it to count? I assume not though.

You level up anyway.

Roster Exp/lvl always gets done first, claiming rewards is optional.


Guys this is not fake or photoshoped, I actually inspected this person for a raid and was so shocked that I took a screenshot…

Good one.

It is either fake or bugged 100%

It’s obviously bugged

I love how people who cant explain something think its fake. I observed this person’s character profile and saw the roster level and thought it was odd so posted about it.
Perhaps its GM in disguise? idk, it was just strange, the picture is not doctored at all.

Nice joke. This game has no GMs :rofl:
Otherwise bots wouldn’t spam Party Finder

its fake cause you can’t do life skills and compass without gaining roster exp lol…

It might be a bug, but its not fake, I took the screenshot on my computer while checking character profiles for a Legion Raid