Does anyone know what this armor/skin for Assassin is?

This armor is shown in the character creation screen, and is used all over the place for promotion of the game, but no one can seem to tell me what the set name is. I’m assuming it may still be Korean only, but even that seems unknown.


Lost ark needs a fashion website like bdo has

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I guess I’ll just have to hope it shows up in game some day. It’s just such an amazing looking set. :slight_smile:

I found this로스트아크/아바타

Some have speculated that the outfit you want has actually been amazoned into what you see in the cash shop now. Sicarious I think? Or Alar set.

You wont find any of the Alar sets on that wiki. Which leads me to believe they are specifically for us.

While I’m all about conspiracy theories, these 2 outfits don’t even have a single pixel that looks similar lol

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You’re right, also, it’s technically in the game, at least in the character creator.

it could also be a Non-skin armor set that we dont have released or acquired.

I thought it was the default “naked” set. Ours was changed to the super modest, smol chested rogue looking one

I could be wrong but thats what i think i remember from RU. The first set i got looked so much cooler than the rest

SH and DB both share that same “naked” skin and it looks nothing like the one in character creation though

so AGS and their Prudish censoring removed the skin?

i reread your op lol of course i could find those 2 pictures xDDDD

yeah idk i think its super wierd but yeah i have a very strong memory of loving the default skin more than what sets i had in T1/2. the T2 set on RU looks giga terrible xd its this turquoise and crimson business suit with fur wrap or some thing. idk ill try to find it

ah the Blue(t2) armor for Shadow Hunter is that ugly turquiose

lol so they kept it huh? i havent gotten my alts up there yet in this region.

i cant look at the shadowhunter for too long. they ruined the transform on my baby T-T

Here you guys go.

When the game released, I was super upset that the assassin outfit, the white pure one with tassels on the hood, the very one on the steam banner was not available. Still isnt. :’(


2nd one is from the rapport vendor btw if nobody knew. Its the only armor set that i can find from in-game currencies and gameplay.

If anybody knows more id love the info

Awesome info!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

PLEASE I just want this look!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

the white one is a skin pack that was on Kor/RU at some point via the post that guy sent of all previous skins that were available.

Specifically the 2.3.6 portion of that website shows it.

The white one is the same as the black, which is just a hoodless alar set.

This is the chest piece on market place

not the white one they were talking about, they were talking about the tassle hooded one. and assassin alar isnt on that “skin link you posted” but the Sorcerer one is.

Sorc Alar is basically a blue default outfit with ribbons(idk what they called, like drapes) on the back.

Assassin alar is a black default outfit with a hood and mask.

The fighter alar outfit is dogshit and should be removed.

The only other one I really know is original is the gunslingers. I went back to old dungeons to collect the outfits and theres nothing like the alar set.