Does arcana have the biggest milkers out of all classes?

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those are standard mage boobs. they dont grow or shrink with the subclass…

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The ones on current mages are smaller tho

ofc, all mage classes have bigger booba, where do you think the magic comes from? it is stored in the booba, that’s also why vykas loses power on the typing test.


idk are they they seem fine to me

These are smaller

It’s the angle, these milkers all come in 1 size :rofl:

They increase when honing chest pieces.

i dont think so thats the legendary outfit that has more skin showing if anything its an illusion of being “bigger”

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Damn, guess u can’t have the illusion on other mages then without that skin lol

Tho they still look much bigger, not just angle :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i mean arcanist wont have it in this version either till we actually have the outfit

What a bad launch for arcana without those

So when are we getting the outfit?

Yoz’s urn: Yes

ye its the yoz fit for arcana

Idk i don’t work here i just forum hermit time to time

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Mhm, I believe the skin is Yoz’s urn gacha drop if I remember is correctly. Which was cancelled from Steam version release while back. :pensive:

Mage in general is pretty big.


It’s the jar, not urnil

These don’t come close bruh