Does Gold River Ever Speak?

With all of these continuous problems (bots, queues, misinformation, delays, etc.), I would have expected the guy who everyone thought was the second coming of Yoshi P some 3 short months ago, would have said something by now. Yet, there is silence… I am so disappointed in SG for letting this all happen. If they run the ship, then they should have nipped this in the bud.


LoL he is busy on his server major updates. Marketing and Communicating in NA/EU server are for AGS.

He is “yoshi P” of his country, but certainly cannot spoon fed AGS everytime

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He is called Gold River, not Community River!


Yoshi P is Yoshi P for every country. He does what Gold River does for Korea, only on a global scale.

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We need people in charge to be talking to us and talking to us a lot. None of this “maybe we get a CM to relay something” kind of safe garbage. Actual transparency.

The corporate run-around when it comes to simple information about the game is ridiculous and its not something SGR can help us much with. This is on AGS.


I just want to highlight that on the week that AGS was hosting SMG representatives in their offices in Washington, after that meet was over, the then head resigned and is now the former head of the studio.

Just my tinfoil hat, but I do think SMG is speaking, just not to us, but to AGS directly.

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Yes. But keep in mind that AGS has people in charge that respond to SGR to fire these people and decide things. There needs to be more transparency that doesn’t make this look like a soulless corporation that just uses CMs to drip feed information.

If incompetence at AGS got you fired, they had nobody to run the company anymore!


SG aren’t big as Square Enix. FF is published by their own company, so I think that’s why Yoshi P can communicate globally. But, SG have AGS for publisher to do marketing and communicating, so SG can mind their own business in their country. so AGS should work with this marketing and communicate with game community with all stuff, its their work.

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In comes Drachenberg, spitting out the bitter truth in the form of snark. You’re another person I missed after I was gulaged. Glad to see you’re still alive and doing well.

As for @KyrosQuickfist , they are communicating a tad bit better. It isn’t a vast improvement, but they are trying. Not to mention that it is hard not to think Amazon an evil soulless company when you read about the things Bezos is doing.

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You honor me, Nevierri-Chan :blush:

And that is the problem!

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You all need to stop defending this, Gold River. He has done nothing for NA/EU but take the profits and apparantly hide. He is the game director in charge of development and should take responsibility. His studio can’t even code character transfers in 2019+, can’t even code UTC/GMT timezone code without 3+ patches, apparantly there is not much unit testing, lack of validation, character name code without guids so only 1 name can be used across an entire region, and the list goes on…etc. etc. etc. and he ports the game knowing there is no KRId in NA/EU with game code that can easily be exploited and without preventative measures for BOTS. And now apparently expects us to wait in 10k+ queues. This is not all on AGS, looks foolish to be fawning over this guy wanting to ride his coattails all around KR.

Sorry, but Gold River being the head Game Director should take responsibility as it is his studio who codes the game. Should take a look at how Yoshi-P takes on responsibility for everything in his studios’ game.


Although sg is the developer and ags is the publisher, we dont know whats in their contract. For example, in one of his interviews he talks about how he wanted legion raids at launch but ags didnt.

Someone posted a video of that interview earlier today.

Edit: unlike games in other countries, games in KR make it much more inconvenient for botters. Its one of the only countries that i know of that actually made rmt and bot/farmers illegal.
The registration is troublesome especially when trying to do it on such a massive scale.

The gold and material balance of this game needs to be improved, this is the only thing that will keep the bots away.
It should focus on skin and other items.

No CM says anything about these. It doesn’t matter what you want, all this has already happened in the new world. When a game comes out, only bots will remain in this game.

Apologies don’t bring people back after a while.

They really need a person like Yoshida because they obviously can’t do it themselves.

You are right, so what this means is Gold River should assess his team and fix this game. The code apparently is not very scalable and seems to have reference issues, lack of validation, poor if any unit testing etc…maybe assess his team and start putting more effort and resources into fixing these issues, as well addressing the issues and being forthcoming about things with NA/EU.

@Roxx Are we ever going to hear from him again? Translation is not an issue we dont live in 18th century.

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That is one of the more surprising things for me. It’s like they released this game in West and just left the building. Not a single word from Smilegate and not one mention from “Gold River” (what is even his real name?). Almost feels like we don’t exist for them. Language barrier is not an excuse - they’ve had streams with English interpreters so I don’t see why we’re not hearing anything from Smilegate. Clearly this launch is not going as smoothly as it could’ve.

His real name is Keum Kang Sun Keum or 금강선


be cause that ags **** job no? like both work on this i give u game , patch and u deal with community + give me infomation , SG not publish here AGS is