Does it worth putting the time to play with Gunslinger?

Im playing gunslinger for a while now (since the release actually) and I’m pretty sure it’s the hardest character to play and to master, with all those swaps, buffs, and movement skills.
And its doesn’t feel that its worth it, like gunslinger role is DPS, and it doesn’t the strongest character in the game while being the hardest character to play with.
Like if you are looking for a DPS character why would anyone take GS? Sorc, and Berserker, are stronger and much easier to play with, especially berserker, that idk what is that character but I have never seen a berserker dies or not the MVP. even if there’s a sorc and me a gs in the party.
So what Im trying to say is, if there’s a character that is by far the hardest character to play with and to master, its should be rewarding by being the strongest or something else, and with gunslinger its not like that.
Its my opinion, don’t kill me.

what do you think?

***I wrote this at the start of TIER 1, and I was wrong, I now almost Tier 3 and put some time on engraving and stuff and learned a bit more on GS playstyle, and I was wrong, Im getting Upright Fighter and sometimes Cruel Fighter with sorc and berserkers in my party, so yeah I was a bit wrong but I still think it could be nice that GS will be more rewarding.

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It does worth putting the time to play.


I mean you’re not wrong, that’s why almost everyone is either Zerk/Sorc.
But in the grand spectrum of the game, every class is useful, and you won’t have a whole lot of competition as GS, compared to Zerk/Sorc

So far I only played GS. I like it and I will actively avoid other classes to avoid the temptation of choosing an easier, better performing class.

Totally. It’s kinda difficult at the beginning but as you play on, switching guns and combos just becomes muscle memory.

I’ve personally bound my Gun Switch keys to my mouse and I had some issues at the start cause I needed to move and switch guns with my mouse. But right now I’m doing pretty good without any issues. I mean, it’s still a bit awkward but not as much as it was when I started.

that’s one of the problems in the game I think, the game is too balanced, I think in MMO there should be the strongest characters and the weakest character, but if its the weakest character so its the tankiest character or support or both, if its the strongest character, its the most squishy character and hard to play with, you know what I mean?
In lost ark even bard and paladin can be top dmg, and berserker is tanky and taking the MVP all the time…
and gunslinger is the most squishy character and the hardest to play with and not the strongest.

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It is also important to mention, that you should play the class you most have fun with, because of the kit from the class. I choosed my main(Deathblade) and main-alt(Gunslinger<—Will change main to GS soon), because of how they feel when i play them vs other classes like Zerk.

I like playing the Gunslinger, much more than my main toon the Assassin.
Maybe because she is more ranged than the Assassin (I know, you don’t need to say anything), but some of the Assassin’s attacks are ‘ranged’.

I love the Gunslingers attacks… I prefer to use pistols, so I don’t have the problems of swapping weapons all the time. That’s just my preference, nothing against her other weaponry.

The character I have had more problems with is the Bard, at the start I found her to be squishy. I had to make sure she stood back from the fray.
I suppose all the classes have their pluses and minuses.

I know I still have much to learn about all my toons…

I majorly prefer my sorc. I also regret choosing to push gunslinger second over paladin. It feels really clunky and not rewarding in tier 1 and 2. I couldn’t even clear past floor 43 of tower for the mats I needed in tier 1…I expect those issues with a support class, but gunslinger hits like a wet noodle in comparison to an equally leveled and geared sorc in late t1 and early t2.

Once you get to t3… no not really feels like an empty game where if you don’t get everything you need from 2 runs go make an alt or sit around gl… no equip is tradeable so 100% rng if you ever get all the items to progress.

That doesn’t sound like a gunslinger issue.

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In my experience it’s absolutely worth it. I main Gunslinger and am in T3 currently, and have been MVP the majority of my time in Abyss Dungeons/Guardian Raids. Sorc/Berserker might have higher numbers in some cases, but Sorcs don’t have the mobility we do, and Zerkers don’t have the range we do. Min/maxing fights properly has been an extremely fun and engaging challenge for me and has definitely paid off so far.


My only issues is you can’t bind each weapon to a specific key. Was this designed for controller players?? I absolutely hate this.

I’m going to keep messing with it for a little longer but it might be deal breaker for me.


The cooldowns make it much simpler than it appears.

So those rifle skills are all about 24second cooldown.
You switch to them when they ready and use them all then go to next weapon.
There are little indications on your “weapon wheel” to show when they are up.

The shotgun also seemed to be long cooldowns but not too sure there.
If you have a chance to go close and they are off-cooldown then go in and blast them off.

Any other time your on your pistols. waiting on cooldowns and opportunities.

It is really not that different from classes like Gunlancer that has big dmg skills to use every 24-30 seconds.

Oh and there is engraving/spec to stick to pistols and rifle making it even simpler.

Yea that’s the difficult part about playing GS. I bind the rotation keys to mouse buttons which make it way easier, but I definitely still get tripped up every now and then and pull out the wrong gun. Once you get it down though, it feels really good.

You’re so focused on stats that you forgot the game is supposed to be FUN. And I have a lot more fun playing GS than Berserker.

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Im not talking about the fun part, ofc ill never play Berserker or something else right now, because they are all so easy with those 8 skills…
but overall rn I feel like GS is too hard and not rewarding enough for being too hard to play.

sounds like you are ego tripping. Play the game for yourself instead.

If its too hard, change class. I love the class and dont care about difficulty. By the end of tier 1 , im good enough about dps rotation, and weapon switching. Everything is hard before it becomes easy.

Time to Hunt is a very fun engraving and turned the weapon-swap feature from a hassle to an enjoyable feature for me.