Does KR have ranked 1v1's? If so when do we get them?

Im tired of fighting people who obv arent in my rank or getting horrible players on my team causing us to lose. Im just sick and tired of it. I hate 3v3 and only like 1v1’s so I ask are we getting ranked 1v1’s anytime soon or not?

i dont think it is fair, it is simple impossible to balance 1x1, with artillerist it is such a joke to win.

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I dont think it matters tbh just have it as a option.

I definitely enjoy 1v1s more i rather blame myself for the loss then my teammates, Good players can make due with the unfair advantages classes have in 1v1s and lets not think 3v3s is even close to balance either. PvP is already an after thought just drop us a little treat huh?

I enjoy it more too, I always go 2nd or 3rd I only “blame” my teammates when I know its 100% on them. If your a deathblade and cant get a bard down to 50% as the bare minimum im gonna be pissed off. Regardless as Wardancer I only really struggle against sharpshooter, gunlancer and artillerist.

there is no such thing as balance in the current 3v3’s either, getting team comps with extremely uneven capabilities is just plain unfair for the other team (3 melee vs a good mix of ranged support brawler or getting a support vs none and having to deal with that) also rn is mostly rng if you go up or down the ladder i have been from gold to bronze back and forth for a while and i am completely convinced that i am not playing worse than i did when i was in gold nor better than when i was in bronze.

I would much rather think of counters to get those W in 1v1 that deal with the current double rng of both getting a good team and a good comp.