Does LA got better?

Hello guys,

I used to play 15h a day, of course I am T3 with alts on T2, etc…, I was saving tons of mats for destroyer, however, I left the game cuz I got tired of playing for nothing, and a main that will be 2 moths later, Did AGS got any better this time? I heard they wont release Lance Master this week, ant etc… is it worth playing again?

You’d probably be better off coming back in a couple months when there’s a lot more things to do if you got tired of playing/burnt out. If you haven’t already I’d suggest go watching some lost ark kr videos to see what the future of this game is.

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I would just play a bit every day and push to 1385, or if not then do all the content your main will need anyways. Runes, skill points etc.

The game will always feel bad if you don’t like the core gameplay. Una’s, chaos, guardian raids etc.

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The drama did

But content wise. U should come back around end of may or wait even longer.

This is not lost ark. It’ wait ark

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no its not, if you quit your better off not coming back for upwards of a year.

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Destroyer and Glavier announcement was 9 days ago. So you left for (at max) 9 days and ask if the game got better?
Nice but brainless troll.

No, too much botters

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Learn to read m8

15h a day… jfc, 2 hours is already too much for me.