Does Legendary bleed rune exist still?

Been playing this game since early founders launch. Doing Moake as soon as I was high enough which was earlier than the majority of players. Gotten 10+ crabs and the star from Moake. Moved over to Thunderwings the day it came out. Could count the total number of Thunderwings I’ve missed on 1 hand. Still no legendary bleed rune? Anyone else in the same boat as me?

Almost on the same boat
But for me it’s legendary galewind
Getting tired of this chicken turtle soup

Yeah I got it a while back from Moake, RNG is like that u can either be lucky or unlucky.
The star took me about 4-6 months to obtain though.

I am still trying to get legendary rage and I only skipped chaos gate like a 2 or 3 times :smiling_face_with_tear:

Damn that’s insane… I shall never question my RNG again knowing that you can’t get a rune from something you do 2+ times daily…

Ok I can’t complain anymore. I got Leg Galewind first day, second run on bird. That’s crazy to me that people aren’t getting rune drops on things they do multiple times a day for multiple months… I am not worthy.

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Few days ago, i did thunderwing and some dude dropped bleed rune and he couldnt believe it.

I guess its extremely unlucky to not drop it for such a long time.

this but for legendary rage rune …

lol i stop looking for legendary bleed, it wont increase my dps that much anyway :rofl:

Yeah I dont really look for it I went and got the purple one instead, but I farm TW every time on different alts to get them chaos stones and just kinda can’t believe it hasn’t dropped yet.

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My main is ilvl 1505… I still don’t have the Moake

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It appears that people either get it on 1st day or A LOT later.

At least thats what happened in my static.


That sucks for you especially cause now you gotta go back in content to keep trying to get that star. I guess I’m glad I was lucky on stars instead of bleed rune lol.

I pretty much made this topic to see if other are like half a year dry on things. Good to know it’s an RNG thing and not something else.

yeah, same with the giants heart from tarsila. So I’ll be missing achievements from the boss in vern. rng is amazing.

That’s true too I hate thinking about when I should start going back and getting those hearts. Maybe when I’m satisfied with all the quality of my characters armor/weapon quality idk.

I stopped doing it for a few weeks then went back one time and it dropped the bleed rune. I still don’t have the star but I don’t care about that so just went back to killing Thunderwings after I got the rune.

rng is stupid in this game… i got the bleed and star after 3 or 4 kills, stopped then later wanted to complete the adv tome and for months I wouldnt get a single crab meat drop… I mean… stoopid meat drop chances that low?? why??? ahh ok RNG, kkthksbye. People will just stop trying cause they stop caring, not a good premise to keep players engaged.

Last rune I’m missing ( not counting blue overwhelm for 30k pirate coins, not going to buy it anyway ).

That’s even crazier to me cause I have 10 crabs just sitting in storage and I haven’t done Moake since TW release.

Yeah I don’t know something is messed up with moake man. People usually fall into 2 categories: get star and rune in first few kills then no crabs or get loads of crabs and no star or rune.

I got a crab almost every kill and never the stupid star. I think I had like 19 when I stopped doing it. (That’s not counting the ones I destroyed)