Does Lost Ark have an intelligent queue system?

All of us know that the first weeks we will have very long queues, that’s inevitable for the hype we have. What I want to know is if you are in the queue, this queue will assign an ID to you, and if you lose the connection when you are in the 3rd spot, when you reconnect you are still on the 3rd spot, and not back to the beginning of the queue.



nope you will start at the beginning of the queue again afaik.
So try to get a stable connection :wink:

I don’t think this will be a problem except for first hour or two. Queue went away pretty quick and servers should be congested before any serious issue emerges.

If we compare to new world it will be bad for the first couple of days, so I don’t know where do you think that it will only be bad for the first 1 to 2 hours. Sure LostArk player base on launch will probably be lower than new world but still…

I still have nightmares from New World 8h queues and receiving random errors after 6h queue and needed to start again…

Please dont compare with new world… new world had hardcapped server capacitys…
Lost Ark has a extendable softcap (no not new servers but more channels till a pretty high point, afterwards new server). And as long as you already have a character on the server everythings fine. They only can block new character creation at some point but you still can login even without a queue. Start can be a bit bumpy but it wont be anywhere near New World.

New World is no comparison to this at all. NW is “special”. Those servers were terribly small (2000?) so the standard “everyone on the most populated one” created even bigger issue.

LA handles this better. While it can happen all servers will be full, it would be a thing to celebrate :slight_smile: But it is not to be expected.

We have a lot more servers then in beta, the beta initial hit was huge (but very short) and it worked reasonably well. Much better then FFXIV for example.

And interest and markers do not suggest any overwhelming force to be expected. If this game is a big success it will be more spread in time.

Anyway… first to fall is EU Kadan :slight_smile: So pick anything else and you will be most likely ok :slight_smile:

Plus… preorders should still be a minority. And there is high chance we can survive the F2P start within a game and not compete for a place :stuck_out_tongue: