Does MVP even matter?

Does being an MVP even matter? Do you get extra rewards for getting mvp? Why are people so hyped up about seeing the mvp screen?

For me as long as you clear the raid in an efficient manner, being the mvp or not doesn’t matter. At the end of the day lost ark is a team based game and you should do your best to help your squad.

I have seen bard spamming desperate salvation when everyone is almost full hp. I have seen guys not pinging the boss location to get those few extra hits in guardian raids. I have even seen guys intentionally wiping the raid to have a better chance at mvp if they played badly during that run.

What is up with that?

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I think youre imagining stuff. No one cares enough to do any of these things. Fyi a bard does that to burn orbs as ones better than 2. See how you’re imagining it?

You can cast serenade for that orb btw. It is like seeing stat padders in moba games likendota and league that just goes for kills instead of objectives

No. MVP matters only for useless bard players who spam healing on Deskaluda whenever someone drops below 90% of HP.


it doesnt but people live to be in the limelight. also mvp in any kind of abyssal or raid is taken from all runs you do in that session. not from the one where you succeed. if you prog vykas g3 for 5 hours and you get mvp. you did what ever stuff it shows within that 5h session until you clear or remake.

Cruel fighter matters. Especially when im 1445 and do more damage than a 1480

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I’ll keep this in mind anytime someone needs heals

endurance is a good stat

MVP matters. It’s like a dick measuring contest after every raid. People laughed at your dps all the time even in pre-made and usually linked it with post like skill issue. People are overjoyed when they are outdpsing a high gear level characters.

It matters for a lot people, and usually in a fairly negative light…

You mean, people wants their ego to be stroked?

i dont care. sometimes i am mvp with 30-40% damage, sometimes not even have the fight title because Yoho just pissed off by jumping and dashing randomly out of by heavy attacks on my mage f.e (or ShadowHunter Awakening which makes with crit ~15-20mio) or some high level 1450+ is at the wrong guardian xD

You know why? becouse it feels good when you as gunslinger overdamage, zerk, sorc,deathblade, everyone…And than you read post on forum like…Paladin did more damage than gunslinger…Gunslinger worst class…Floorslinger…

But in reality i dont rly care, i play raids with static,when we did guardian fast its nice…

I was today first time valtan with my reflux sorc alt…And it feels good when you got 2 in damage even if did mistake in ghost phase and got grabed :frowning: I know my build is ok…i outdamaged some 1416-1444 char.My moves was good i can deal my damage(not the grab situation).

You can find what you want in mvp screen

There are 6 DPS characters in the raid, and at least 3 of them do not have too much stagger, survivability and taunts etc., therefore making them pure DPS characters. Those are supposed to compete for the highest damage dealt. They can’t “help” anyone else in any way, unless you consider a buff or a debuff that requires pressing a button once be “helpful”. MVP does not matter if you have a full stack of utility DPS and only one pure DPS, because it is obvious that he should be the 1st in damage. MVP does not matter if there is a noticeable difference in item level or engraving count between DPS characters in the raid. But if everyone is equal, MVP is what pushes you to play better and it obviously matters.
It can only improve the game, not the other way. For example someone who avoids using Grudge\Cursed Doll because “I HAVE MORE DPS UPTIME IF I DON’T DIE” and other pepegas can see somebody being an MVP with same stats and engraving count because they rock Grudge and this guy doesn’t.

Mvp doesnt matter but its a flex knowing this mofo swipe so hard :joy:

Since I have no DPS METTER and I wont ever have one cuz it is somehow “toxic” And I like to be better and better with classes I play that have INSANE celling with proper play like soulfist I would like to know if i did better or worse that previous run. AND only way to get this info is to score MVP.

It’s the only available metric to compare how you performed with other players in your raid.

I love when I get MVP on my paladin and the dps get butt hurt for not knowing who was the best amongst them

Not only it doesnt matter. It is also wrong most of time.

please tell me that 5 hour runs is not normal in vykas. I am really close to being able to do it. I do not have the patience to play a game for 5 hours straight or 2 hours for that matter.

Of course MVP matters, it’s human nature that ppl want to be special. It’s the same thing with kindergardens wanting gold stars, college kids getting As, hipsters wearing Nikes, ppl driving Ferraris, etc