Does MVP even matter?

Lets ask the “WHY DPS METER IS NECCESSARY” people if MVP matters or not

Needs a re-work, also lately I’ve been under the impression it’s not working correctly as it is supposed to. I’ve had yoho games where I did nothing it felt like, and get mvp in a 3 minute run, then there are 5+ minute runs that I played better than ever, and last on mvp.
All characters have equal gear & 1370. This happens on a 2 run with the same character so … idk. Aware it got a revamp in KR, but forget what exactly. Quite possibly the team comp making it different I guess, but I don’t pay much attention to that. Bard, or no bard… Can mvp…

I’d say no… It does not matter much in both regards. Wonky.

It’s like getting higher grades in a school test, nothing substantial ever comes out of it, most people dont care as you only need the minimum passing score, but some would work their ass out for multiple hours just to get it. Or speedrunning in videogames, that’s another example. People are just competitive in nature, we aint settled for “just enough”, we want gratification from ourselves and our peers and this is how we do it.

Any bard that casts a 1 orb serenade needs to quit the class or get good

Nice troll, and if not l2p

I don’t think that players are wiping the raid cause of the MVP but i think that the most people who want MVP are just there to flex or measure with others.

Thats Like in every Game because everybody wants to be the best but if they dont can they give up or do some shit play.

hf and good honing

My alt group clears normal in about an hour… its very easy once you get a solid team and understand you can basicly skip most wipe mechanics with time stop

If you are pugging it then yeah 5 hours is what id expect since you will always have a couple of idiots that dont know what to do

Same with the bard :joy::joy:

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ill have to tell you that if youre not prepared to invest times in raids, this game isnt for you… raids get very difficult and vykas isnt an easy raid like valtan, where you just dodge a couple moves and do 3 mechanics. vykas needs A LOT of team coordination and for some mechanics in some of the gates you need almost everyone alive towards the end to even beat it. my static and i play raids blind (we dont know anyhting about them and dont watch guides). we invested a lot of time when the raid came out to beat it on normal and even more time to beat it on hard without supports. now we reclear it easily because we practiced it so much going in blind and retrying over and over and over and over.

It doesn’t matter. Psychologically it lets people be a bit competitive and provides some general feedback what was done and how well you did it.

The reason why MVP doesn’t matter is the same reason why SG will not implement a DPS meter. As you said, its a team based game. If the whole team wins, then everyone did their bit. That’s it.

MVP has no real value, because it was given any real value, it would lose its real value.

MVP doesnt matter, im like 90% of the time mvp with my pala only cause i supp but no one cares, not even me

Does MVP matter? Does the cosmetics matter? Does the class you play matter? Does anything really matter? All these and other things matter as much as you want them to matter

it matters for classes that aren’t recognized by nerds as a viable damage option. all the surge blades, igniter sorcs look down on my soulfist, and then i get cruel fighter over em.

Looks like someone is salty because they can’t get MVP

its getting a rework , so dont dwell on that

Ofc it matters. Imagine spending ur hard earned money, ur weapon is glowing and then at the end of raid ur name and avatar appears. Oof makes it all worth it.

Only for the achievement. Which you can also farm solo anyways.

In my clan we use it to troll one another, I.E. my clan leader discussing how he did more damage because X with another clan member, then I a healer on MVP “Yeah but I healed more than you 3 combined”.

What a waste, they should be using the ATK buff instead.

People love to have their name up in lights. Beyond that no, MVP means nothing at all.

The MVP system should be replaced with a breakdown of how you did during the fight, visible to only you . Break down your crit %, stagger/counters, high/low crits, Healing done, damage done, basic information to show you how your doing in relation to the fight and possibly find ways to improve from that.

also raids currently still take into account ALL the pulls to get the clear, not just the pull that got clear. This is slated for change in KR soon with the new MVP system but is not out yet.

MVP exists to incentivise swiping.

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I never pay any attention to it other than looking to see if someone actually has a cool outfit on. lol For me, it’s like a mini runway show. Otherwise, nope, means nothing. :slight_smile: