Does punika Knowledge transfer complete previous regions?

Had something weird happen, not complaining though, cuz it helps me.

I could swear I never finished rohendel on my expressed alt berserker. Did yorn, did feiton, knowledge transferred Punika.

My other alt sorc I was planning to do yorn because I couldn’t KT yorn because she also skipped rohendel.

Checked today and she can KT rohendel. I thought that’s weird, checked my berserker and it said he had completed rohendel.?? I’m pretty sure I’d remember if I did rohendel, and I couldn’t KT it on him either, didn’t have one available.

Has anyone encountered this?

afaik you need to have either completed previous regions or completed the previous KTs in order to have access to the punika KT. Dont think you can skip regions like that.