Does PVP Season 1 end on September 24th or on the 1rst September Patch?

According to a answer given by @Roxx on a previous post (When does PVP Season 1 end?) PvP Season 1 should end on September 23rd or 24th.
Can someone confirm it will be ended exactly 6 month after (so Sep 23rd or 24th), or is there a possibility that the Season ends on the first Patch of September? (nothing is mentioned about in September roadmap)


September 7th, actually! We’ll have a full announcement with details later this week.

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Ok thank you!

september 7. would be the day i hit extreme @Roxx does that mean when i finaly reach that rank i cant buy the title cause u reset it the same day ? -_-

Actually, I have the exact same issue… Wonder whether we’ll get the rewards… Just hope this will be mentioned in the announcement. Other wise, there is no reason to do any PvP from Sep 1rst to Sep 6th.

i hope there is something for people like u and me cause honestly i would quit the game if they just delete my afford from like 2months to grind a pvp rank

Well, the issue is that they said 6 months, but it was almost 5…

My guess would be the season ends, but the vendor remains to spend any earned points.

but if the season ends afaik ur rank like supreme or extreme is reset aswell

Something logical might be the following: Season ends on the weekly reset Wed 7th, but Season 2 doesn’t start until the week after (Wed 14th). So, the rank and the shop stay 1 week after Season has closed.
Yes. Copium. I know.

i hope it is like that …
i just spent like 30h the last 2 days to grind my way to 1. on the leaderboard (and i am still doing it need only 2k more tier points)

I still have no idea what are the rank rewards, not idea what mount it is per rank neither the stronghold structure, well i will try to get back at gold before the season ends just to gain something from it, maybe platinum if i’m lucky.