Does reporting bots do anything?

I’m always seeing 4-5 warriors together all lined up and in sync with each other.

I’m not sure if reporting is going to do anything.

no it doesn’t

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i’ve stop reporting them all together. Smilegate doesn’t do enough to combat these the proper old fashion way of having GMs. also punishment is light on the bots so after 14 days they are usually unbanned again.

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There’s a bard bot on NA East in the group finder for the past 3 weeks (in T3) advertising their site, so no, I don’t think it does anything. I believe that they are working on a solution to bots, people seem to forget that it’s very easy to bot on this game because its free, so combatting them is fairly hard to do. A good example of this is runescape, they have had a similar botting issue for a long time.

And yes, there are a lot of ways they can combat bots, but people also seem to forget that its easier said than done, there aren’t systems in place to stop bots because there wasn’t a bot issue in KR or RU because of how exclusive they were to those regions. People should be keeping this in mind and while it is frustrating to see them running around rampart, I’m sure eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later), that they will have a sure-fire way of dealing with them more efficiently.

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