Does the "50% HP buff" actually exist? Can't find a source

I’ve heard many claims that the NA/EU region buffed Guardian HP by 50% due to player feedback from the beta. Is this actually true? I’m struggling to find concrete evidence that this is a thing.

Someone tested both RU and NA/EU/SA and the HP was the same.

not true, Check this thread Rumors about 50% guardians hp - #11 by Miriey

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I see the thread now, don’t know how I missed it before making this. Thanks for pointing it out.

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From what I’ve seen, it’s false.

Mostly due to a few things that caused a lot of confusion:

    • Korea/Russia increased the HP in their versions before EU/US launch, we also got this increased HP to match them.
    • EU/US versions had the HP lowered during beta to make testing easier.
    • A random YouTuber made a claim that EU/US had higher HP most likely not knowing it was lowered in beta or that KR/RU had theirs increased, he also admitted he may be wrong about it though.

Everyone seems to take the YouTubers claim as fact even though it’s not true.