Does the Feiton Pass Expire in 1 Week?

So I clicked my feiton power pass ticket that was mailed to me, the ticket said it expired sometime in June. But now everytime I login it says I only have one week to use the Feiton Power Pass.

Please let me know if it expires in a week.


Hello @Next!

In this case the pass lasts for 7 days but can be claimed until June 30th.

Hope this answers your question!

This is really unfair as it wasn’t said anywhere. It was stated that it will last until june and now it’s expiring in 1 week. Pls fix this

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So the only option is leave it in your mailbox for 30 days, and then you get 7 days from then. Too late for you, but may help some others.

Wonder if Destroyer will be out within 37 days…

I think I understand. Do you mean that the event which gives the pass lasts 7 days, but once you activate the pass (by clicking the ticket) you have until June 30th to use it?

If you had the pass in your inventory: one month.
If you “consume” the pass: one week.


It would’ve been nice if they actually explained that.

they dont explain anything…i used the pass to get into the list like the reskin and others pass but no1 wrote that if you used it you can use in a week and not until june like in the description. thats not good, like the story of the fast pass that work just on alts and not on main, i mean… you couldnt see the rewards and you can pick it on every character but is just for character before itlvl 1300. pls

Having the same issue… I have to use this before Thursday? There’s no character I want to pass… Unless, can I pass a character that is lvl 1 that I haven’t picked the subclass for? or will it not let you until you pick a sub class? Cus I’d pass a mage and just leave it if that were an option.

I wanted to use the feidon pass on my other server. This is an account gift. Why i can’t choose which server receives it?

Excuse my expression but this is some fucking bullshit!

How can you claim it will last to 30/6 but as soon as you have activated it it only last 7 days whiteout warning when you claim it?

As I said this is some fucking bullshit and you need to inform us when you do some shit like this!

Yet another thing you do that makes me loose faith in this company! I have defended your every move but you are starting to get on my nerves.

I know its a free pass but TELL US this information beforehand next time! Now I need to make a char in a rush just bc you decide too fuck us over whit this bullshit! ;_;

The hotfix notes said:

Fixed an issue with the Feiton Powerpass showing an expiration of 7 days after you’ve claimed it. For those that have already claimed it, we will fix that issue with our next update, before the item expires.

I claimed it shortly after the patch released so it will expire on patch day. If it’s not extended, I guess I can just pick a class and use it, but it really isn’t fair.


@Roxx is there an update on this? ‘patch day’ is the same day that the item expires 28/04 [04/28 in USA]

Is it getting extended to the 30th June (+7 days) ?

If not i’ll be forced to use it on an already lv50 character, or buy another char slot :melting_face:

Not sure if you also have this info in advance but will the future released chars also come with a powerpass, slightly lessons the blow as I planned on holding onto my pass hoping that Destroyer or w/e would be released within the ~10 weeks I have before the pass ‘should’ actually expire

Heya, this is now changed alongside the hotfix that went out last week – the passes will expire on 6/30 for everyone


Glad to hear :smiley:
Mine runs out pretty early on patch day, so I hope it’s still there after maintenance.
Claimed it pretty soon after the servers were up last week.

Thanks for the reply roxx! So maybe I can use it on scouter, which u surely will release in June, right? Right?

Server selection screen still shows it expires tomorrow. Please double-confirm that this is not correct.


Mine says it expires April 28. I fell fear after maintenance it expires and cant use it with Destroyer.

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When possible please confirm that it is just a frontend display issue and the passes text is just wrong. I just checked and my pass does say expires 4/28.

Thanks again @Roxx

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Hey @Roxx


Just adding a screenshot that shows mine runs out at 13:00 CET still ^^


@Roxx can you please confirm that the Already Used power pass will extend its duration? not talking about the power pass in inventory.