Does the painter solve the support problem

With the low amount of supports in T3, and gearing up being so expensive for some. Does the painter solve this issue or compound onto it? Another question to ask, do people play her as “DPS” or actual support. Painter should come sooner so more supports show up in T3.

Support accessories rely on the specific class being played if you’re looking to grab stuff with class engravings on it, so it’ll be rougher for Artist starting out while Bard/Paladin won’t see much benefit.

Considering a lot of DPS players are willing to play painter even as a support. Maybe the increased number of supports would offset prices? Or we will see another support class where people attempt DPS even when its not great.

Artist is more of a balanced class. Meaning does more dmg than Paladin and Bard and it is worse in the support side compared to the other two. Still there is gonna be a balance update for classes in next month for KR. This may change. Currently Artist is not the base choice, especially in hard raids. I doubt I will change anything here.

At least the support mains can pick up a semi DPS. I want the class in NA just because of the gameplay mechanics she brings.

Why should we? I know there are people playing multiple supports at the same time. But it’s very expensive to play multiple support seriously, because of how expensive it to get it ready for raiding.

Increased demand would just lead to higher prices I’d think. It doesn’t change the supply because anyone can drop support accessories if class engravings aren’t important, supports won’t get those support-based accessories easier.

Not only would i stop playing dps for artist… i would swipe… >:( GIVE ME ARTIST


Cant wait to fight bard paladin artist in ranked tdm

I will make sure when i guild pvp… we have at least 3 supports :slight_smile:

You are evil.

I think the whole thing is wild, not enough supports, but the prices are all high, doesn’t that mean higher supports messing up the pricing for lower supports.

I mean those who are support and high ilvl are getting good drops, then selling those drops for a lot as supports are the only thing really needed in high lvl raids… So i like to think the whales set the price and now everyone has to sell just as high or higher to recoup :slight_smile:

Supports are the real victims of whales. Which is sad, cuz whales need supports lmao.

i mean Yes but also in KR desperate salvation acc are the most expensive acc on market :slight_smile: so its kinda just fucked to all support players haha

Artist would help. I’m a support main but the supports we have right now don’t interest me so I’m waiting for her to swap mains and I’m not the only one that feels this way.

It’s meta right now to point to accessory prices and say “look, it’s these greedy people pricing out supports!!” but that’s not true. There’s simply less interest in playing supports within our regions. Accessories for DPS with engravings such as grudge + adrenaline are expensive too but that’s also an inefficient way of gearing your character right now.

If I were gearing a 3-3-3 support right now for cheap I’d go for:

  • 2 epic book engravings, awakening + expert. 9 points each, then try to complete those 2 engravings with a 6-6-X stone.
  • 5 accessories with +3 class engraving. Fill out awakening + expert with accessories if needed.

Very cheap way to get 3-3-3 setup. The stone is the most expensive part.

For cheap 3-3-3-3:

  • 2 epic book engravings, awakening + expert. 9 points each, then get at minimum a 6-6-X stone to cap both engravings.
  • 5 accessories with +3 class engraving but also +3 of something cheap too. Vital Point Hit, Max MP Increase, Drops of Ether, Ether Predator for example. You could max a 4th engraving easily this way or just go for something like lvl 2 Crisis Evasion.

Also supports are suggested as alts because they require less gear, less engravings and less gems than DPS to still do their jobs effectively. Classes that transform like shadowhunter and scouter are similar. Supports don’t need 4 maxed meta engravings, especially for the content we have.


I’d be doubtful if it would solve the issue but I also cannot figure out any way it can hurt it.

Some DPS might try a support, some support might wanna try another support. It is a game of alts, I know I’d roll another support simply because I enjoy them.

As for the gearing…I think honestly I play a bit dirty. I’m more than happy to wait a couple days for a better drop once I get gear that is decent. I also have no issue selling a perfect accessory over wearing one. From my understanding everything we are doing is pretty much moot, so there is little reason to go super hard. Once it becomes a bit more of a lasting ideal…I’m all for going hard but until it is actually useful I’m happy hoarding currencies.

it wont solve it but it will probably help

Main bard here, support arent mandatory in Lost Ark if you know mechs, i have dps alt with friends, we are doing Argos without supports with ease.

If you are a dps ill advise you to make a supp to learn mechanics and other classes gameplay. It will greatly improve your main dps efficiency. Most dps right now arent fit as dps, they are so bad, they dont understand mechanics, doing shitty rotations, not staying in bard aoe for damages buff, not waiting buffs before busting their big cooldown.
So they are wasting their time in party finder to find a support to carry their asses.

What you guys (dps) needs are solid basics and game knowledge. Do you know that some classes buff you ? Do you know that some AoE gives you buff ? Do you have allies effect activated in your option ? Do you bother to learn boss patterns ? Do you learn your rotations ? Do you know what your mates can provide you ?

I’ll say again, make a support, easy to play, rotations are easier so you can focus more on what your allies do, what the boss do. Those knowledges will improve your main dps.


It might be my server but i find supports on every matchmaking who aren’t willing to go on premade party.

People who go mm knows the argos little pizza mechanic and don’t need the support so i believe they feel more confortable around it cause no one expect them to excell at a mm environment.

The pressure and unfun you can get from going premade as a support is not worth it.

So i believe that even if you add thousand of support classes they rather stay in mm xD.

Today i had a supp on mm but i was doing the mech anyways cause is easy and fun to do.

I think some players will struggle a lot in legion raids cause they are getting used to overgear the content with engravings, ilvl, gems, cards and using cheesy mechs.