Does the Power Pass Expire? or just the ticket?

The Feiton Power Pass ticket says expires 6/30 (might be off)

but I don’t see an expiration date on the character selection screen.

Does the actual power pass expires on 6/30? or just the ticket (e.g. must use the ticket before then?)

Check the server selection screen in the top left. It should show there just like the customization ticket did.

Wonder aswell.

There’s been a few people who redeemed the ticket. Once redeemed, the power pass expires 7 days after. The inventory ticket lasts until 6/30.


holy…good to know, so i have to use it/unlock one more slot.

@viRo369 From the other thread:

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It expires but after a few months I think. Check your server selection screen, it must be on top left.

I will check as soon as EUC is up again. Since I have no plans to create one more character. But wasting the pass feels bad.

When u use the ticket, ure pass will still be available. No problems there.


Thanks AGS, I guess?

damn, need to check it. I used it instantly -.-

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