Does "weak point detection" tripod affect PvP arena players?

I clicked on recommended skill for proving grounds PVP, and if it is available for a skill, weak point detection tripod (damage to push-immune foes +damage) seems very popular.

So was curious if playing in arena PvP using “book of coordination” skills, if weak point detection affects your opposition in PvP.

“Weak Point” only helps you destroy parts. Which is a PvE thing for some bosses.
Players don’t have parts to break. Would be fun though. Applying a total of level 30 or higher weak point to a player and their weapon becomes useless for 5seconds. Or something like that.

he is talking about the tripod which deals extra damage to push immune monster according to description

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Ahh, my bad

Yes it does.

When someone go up naturally (without neutral) they are immune to push (and everything else) so the tripod works.

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