Dogs in caliligos in lobby party and matchmaking

phero flare destr ww. some throw like it is recommended from korean content creators and some just throw on destrc. feels bad for people that actually throw more. so frustrating this game

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I mostly join or create FPP | WDx3 groups as some classes have low stagger/destruction or they are on cool down

Since I have gotten more comfortable with Calligos.

Stagger check happens first I use my very high, high or mid stagger skills if stagger check isn’t done I throw whirlwind, counter.

Some classes stagger skills do more than whirlwind so it’s better to use those skills if off CD, like my bard with vital point hit sound shock > prelude of storm >sonic vibration > sound shock stagger is done

Destruction check if the class I’m playing has weak skills off cooldown I look first use them then throw destruction bomb

Some runs I end up using less consumables others more.

I will only join FPPD groups if there at least one of the following classes a destroyer, red gunlancer, taijustu scrapper, control glaivier, master summoner 1650 spec + they can solo stagger and destruction check or do alot of it by themselves

I usually only whirlwind if my stagger skills finish and it’s not done, destruction I usually throw before skills though as I can’t see a bar for it.

I’m using only destro, since my stagger is more than enough.


I’m not throwing anything.

People who can’t pass caliligos stagger will delete the game at brel g5 stagger checks.

As Kanima said, if your party needs nades or VPH, they’re just bad. Skill issue.


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