Domination doesn't work as worded

Domination says “Damage to Pushed or Debuffed Foes”, debuffed foes is the wording that’s wrong. no “debuff” works with this besides electrocution (for what i tested). none of my actual debuffs on foes triggers the increase in damage. no %dmg increase on foes, no DOT, no atk/move speed slow debuffs.
either the wording is completely wrong and should be changed to reflect it’s actual behavior or the way it’s coded is wrong and it’s not applying to any of the ACTUAL DEBUFFS!
considering bosses can’t be frozen, stunned or electrocuted this stat, as it actually works currently is near useless.
expertise is the same way, none of your actual debuffs are extended (duration wise) but again the freeze, stun, ect are extended.

So I think the translation makes us misunderstand. DEBUFF here only means hard CC. Skills that lock your opponent in place…stunt, freeze etc. and nothing else. I tested expertise stat and was able to confirm this. Expertise and Domination both mentions “debuff” in their description so I think they work the same way. I will test that out too.