Domination in pvp?

Corect me if i am wrong but isn’t domination being applied to all stances of cc like
Pushed up/back/down
Hard cc (freeze,stun…)
Stagger ???

Or its applied only when enemy is down and can’t roll

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its applied to knockdown, knockup and hard cc ( freeze,stun, petrification etc )
it does NOT apply to staggered enemies.
As far as I know it also applies to enemies that are in the middle of standing up ( dont know if it applies to get up roll )

if enemy is on the floor or in the air it works + t3 cc

Based on what I was told by a bunch of koreans, plus what I read on inven months ago, Domination does apply to staggered enemies. Not sure how it works in PvP. In PvE stagger as in stagger mechanic was successful or stagger bar is empty. Example: Abrelshud Gate 2, when Skull dies Prokel gets staggered. That one applies Domination (and Broken Bone) buffs.

stagger in pve and pvp means different things.
in pve when stagger bar reaches 0, boss gets stagger and it indeed works there.
stagger in pvp means paralysis which does not work with domination.
I have personally tested this to not work.

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