Dominion Fang 6 set Bonus not activating properly

Recently got the 6 piece Dominion Fang relic set. When I went to test it out the cooldown reduction (supposed to be 30% after awakening skill) still registers as the 4 piece set bonus. The tooltip and my testing came to the same conclusion.


Localization error. In other versions the tooltip indicates 30% movement skill cooldown (spacebar) on the 6-piece set.

My own tests on my skills indicate that this is not the case.

I believe you indicated above that you’re only getting 18% skill cdr?

Just for confirmation I re-rested with both 6 piece Dominion and 5 Piece Dominion (I took off my pants). After awakening the skills have the same cooldown with the 6 set bonus as they do with the 4 set bonus.

That is what I was saying, yah

I have found the problem. The final set bonus only applies to the movement skill (spacebar). I’ve test that as well and it did in fact reduce from 4pc to 6pc. Unfortunately the tooltip does not reflect this. Quite frustrating.


Yah, that was my initial reply haha

Yea, that’s why I tested it. I guess I should reopen another bug report.

PS. Horrible final set bonus.

With respect to the other options you could run in those two slots, it is still pretty good. In longer fights the extra Awakening usage can be useful as well. But it’s not exactly the strongest final bonus to be sure.

It’s not useless, but had I known before hand, I would not have chosen this path. I will be swapping it out first chance I get (3 weeks). Thanks for your help.

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Heya @Beardicus and welcome to the forums. There is no need to open a new bug report as suggested here:

I’ll be happy to go ahead and submit a report on your behalf. Could I have your character name and server?

@Tikls Thank you for extending a helping hand. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm the Cdr and DMG buffs are not additive?

Basically, the bonus damage is ~35-40% so about 10% increase but the cdr is not changed for skills. It is a bonus 30%cdr to spacebar (dodge) mechanic. Lots of people take 2 pieces of either Entropy (extra crit damage/ head and back attack buffs) or nightmare set (mp useage -50% and 12% damage to mp using skills). Entropy for more dps (back/head attack reliant) and nightmare for comfort (mp cost is way less). Either way you still take 4 domination usually and pick your poison for last 2.

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why is everyone missing the point of this thread? i have same problem :o the 6th bonus is 15% damage and 30% CD but the active buff only indicates 4th set bonus.

It is not actually a 30%CD. Its the same cooldown as 4 piece with an added 30% CD to movement skill (dodge). Just terrible wording in the description.