Dominion set doesn't work

guys, before completing the dominion set I had done some math on how much CD I could get with it, 18%(buff of set)32%(swiftness)10%(engraving)14%(gem) total 74% CD, so if my skill have 40sec, decreasing the 74%, it would be with 10,4sec, but yesterday I closed my set and went to test in trixion, but my skill is with approximately 17/18sec of CD, doing more tests I realized that the set’s buff does not add up to the “details” and it applies a different sum rule, it applies the CD to the skill’s natural time, in this case 40sec and all other types of CD buff are applied to the CD already reduced by the skill’s buff set, which generates this failure, I can’t say if it’s a failure in the programming or in the description of the set

Well that looks like it is applying multiplicatively and not additively.
So from 40 second cd with your CD reduction is:
40 * (1-18%) * (1-32%) * (1-10%) * (1-14%) = 17.26 seconds

Probably intended since 74% CD is kinda crazy and it should not be a number someone should easily reach.

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that’s exactly how it works. And it for sure is intended. If it was additive with few more you would get to 0s CD :slight_smile:

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i think it to, but if the game have a limit like 80% it’s the limit, somehow it should be possible to get at least close to it, example if u have a lv10 gem+ engraving, and a good swiftness not the limit, just good, u have 62% of CD, so if have a limit, I don’t see the need to make changes like this, because I made this set using these numbers, because there’s nothing in the description that says where or how it will be applied

but there is a limit to how much you can have, plus low cooldowns result in mana problems, so there are natural solutions to this problem already, so I don’t see the need to change where or how the buff applies, without informing this in any way form for those who use it, because I built the set counting on these numbers

That is just how Lost ark is. People have to find out how things work. Now you have found out how CD works so you have new information on what you have to build around.
Also if there is a 80% limit, that is most likely just a hard cap since CDR is only going to increase in the future as lost ark progresses.

in parts this makes sense, in parts it doesn’t, for example the buff “inner awakening” 4 pieces give you in addition to the CD, “damage skill buff” and 6 pieces give you “total damage buff to ALL foes”, it is well described, in the case of the CD I have 3 different fonts (engraving, gem and substatus) and they all work the same, BECAUSE I expect a fourth that is a buff like my engraving, does it work otherwise???

Anyone want to break the news that the 30% cdr for 6 piece dominion is only for your space bar…

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They know this (I hope). That is why they used 18% and said 6 piece gives skill damage buff

this is described without buff

realy, i give some time reading and understanding, but it understadable in final

6 pieces gives total damage buff, at this ok, but at the fonts, diferents fonts of cd working at same tipe, dont make logic for you, “other” font(who is also buff) working diferent, not is weird for you?

They are weird. But I got used to it. Plus the translation for dominion set is really bad anyways.

that’s a good point, the trasnlaction it’s horrible, but we can’t just get used to it, we need to report this, because I’ve had several bugs in this game, like items missing and etc, and whenever I reported, I only had standard answers, today when I opened a chat to ask a question about this the attendant still wanted to make fun of it, and I wasn’t pointing out, if it was wrong or not, I wanted to clear the doubt, if this was supposed to be the buff’s behavior