Don’t do maintenance during the day in Europe

Srsly. How hard can it be to do maintenance separately from NA at night. :man_shrugging:


Why is everonye complaning?

They said it a few times, that atm all Patches/Hotfixes will be releasesd ASAP.
And that they will be looking for “normal” Schedules for each Region - when everything is “fixed”


The unfortunate reality is that Amazon is an American company and will most likely cater to the NA audience by performing regular maintenance when it’s night for us and it’ll be morning time for EU players.


Please DO the maintenance early hours, keep the good work :love_you_gesture:t2:


The day? Its like 0800 in Europe right now and the servers will be down between 0900 and 1200?

They could have started the patch at 1700 CET and ended at 2000 CET…

Starting to realize that Europeans will complain no matter what AGS does. AGS Does maintenance at night - Europeans complain. AGS does maintenance in the morning - Europeans complain. Never satisfied.


Dont do maintenance in the evening when people have come home from work, and settle in to relax with a game…

This is the time for all OCE players… Every time there is maintenance, they do it Primetime.
By the time maintenance finishes, it will be time for bed for many in the OCE.


When they did the maintenance at 5 or 6 CET, I made a thread thanking them for changing the maintenance times.

You are disingenuous, we don’t complain illogically, and I personally recognize when they do correct moves.

9 CET is 10am in half Europe and that time is the only time when servers actually work and you can do dailies and matchmaking. When servers come online, they won’t work again.

Think before you defend a multi quadrillion company


great, cant play today AGAIN because of stupid maintenance times… The only time where i can play because of no queue and they do a maintenance, fuck off. So stupid company…

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only NA player could defend them at this point :smiley:


Disingenuous? There is literally a reply above mine asking for them to keep the maintenance in the early hours. So before you start spouting garbage, perhaps you should realize what it looks like when half of Europe complains about x and the other half complains about y.

I’m not defending anyone, I merely pointed out an observation based on the majority of posts and replies I’ve read over the last 2 weeks - Europeans like to complain about everything but can’t actually get a majority consensus on anything.

Also, 10am on a Thursday is the middle of the work day for me… do Europeans not work anymore?..

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Not really

Would you prefer delayed fixes/patches - or ASAP?

But in the end - it doesnt matter when AGS will do a Maintenance, there will someone who will qry D:

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if game was working as intended after 2 weeks of horse crap then maybe ppl wouldnt complain so much?

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First of all, when they had the 6am CET maintenance, no one complained. So that’s a consensus right there.
Second, at mornings, IT’S THE ONLY TIME, when servers work, matchmaking, and group content. After noon, they are broken. Do you understand? Or pretend not to


exactly this

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Its ONE day a week on average dude. Lost Ark isn’t water, you don’t NEED it to live, and if you can’t go one single day without playing a game you have way more serious issues you should be attending to…

There is always going to be some person who will be affected by maintenance, whether they’re here complaining or not. These maintenance times fall in my 1700-2100 time frame, and I work 8-10 hour days. So yeah I understand completely about these maintenance times affecting people’s game time, but I find other things to do/catch up on.

Maybe you should do the same?


Who are you to say when people should be playing a game and for how many days? Please gtfo, fact is the game is a shit show and is only playable in this early hours, fuking white knight idiot get back to work


ppl will complain no matter what time maintenance is, there always is someone who is active in any hour that you choose to do maintenance on. it’s best to ignore those that complain and move on

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There a euro based game company that does maint on NA times? I play another game, Elite Dangerous, dev and published in UK but their biggest market is NA - yet maint times are UK London local.

I’m fine with that. For Europeans complaining about NA based maint, go lead by example - launch a game company based in EU. Ut does maint at local NA hours

You don’t garner support for your issue by becoming hostile.

Although, I’ve never heard “get back to work” tried to be used as an insult before… that’s a new one. lol


When they did a maintenance at 6am CET, no one complained, so your post is a lie