Don’t stop until we get what we deserve

I know many people are pissed while the lucky ones who got to keep their 100-200 pheons for free are probably teasing us.

AGS has hit a new low to treat players worse than shit like this. I’m guessing the initial point of issuing this gift was to inform players about tripod update which shows you care about players. Letting the ones who claimed the pheons keep them is just fine but deleting the mails from the ones who never claimed is more than absurd. I’m pretty sure they did that only because they knew removing them would cause more trouble as the majority of players got them. That is why we should never stop forcing them to act fairly to compensate us who were unfairly impacted.

Btw, I won’t quit yet even AGS is just gonna disregard us all but I’m sure many will.

And eventually more will if you let AGS get away from this and accelerate their absurd level for managing any unforeseen fuck-ups like this.


if they gave out the pheons from the mail they will lose potential revenue especially with the upcoming reaper release, they are screwing us over out of pure greed

Excuse me!? How will the owners be able to afford their 18th vacation home!?!

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