Done all Vern quests but didnt get powerpass

Character Name: Redown
Server: Sceptrum
I didnt get Powerpass after the Vern quest line. I done all quests but i didnt get any mail or anything. Anyone can help me please?
I’ve done quests like a couple day ago.

Hi @redown, it’s a pleasure give you the welcome to our forums!

My apologies to hear you are experiencing the inconvenience with the powerpass. Our technical team is aware of this issue and is investigating to find a solution.

As a workaround to discard possible issues and corrupted files:

Please run an Steam file check for Lost Ark, restart the game and,
• Create a new character on a new server, access the game using it and stay with that char for a few minutes.
• Go back to the character you want to use the Powerpass on
• Activate the Powerpass on the character you want to level up (do not activate it in the newly created character, as you’ll waste your Powerpass).

If the workaround steps did not work, please contact our Customer support team. They will escalate your case with a ticket for further investigation.

My apologies for the inconveniences caused to you. Thank you for your help and patience!

Have a wonderful weekend.

powerpass must come for every server or power pass transfer must be