Don't bait me like that maxroll

We are so very close, i can feel it…

But I guess they are waiting for the official names before releasing it.

Also Praydge for the release to be in the 14th

99% probability it’s gonna be in 3 days.

The logical reasoning is they extended naruni event by 1 week just for this occasion.

Max every skill that has a 24 second cooldown and 50000000 damage

Saw this as well

Please @Roxx just give us some info :frowning: Some people are going to try to get vacation from work ( including me ) and im starting to feel like i chose the wrong dates and get f**ed for that :frowning:


Just dont take vacation for a class release lol

I don’t believe you would get fired for that :wink:

It’s my vacation not yours? if i want to go 101% hard within the game is none of your business though isn’t it andy?

Fired? nani

And at the same time they have no reason to plan what they are doing around your vacation lol.

you would understand, if you had something you could wait for :slight_smile:

? Neither of my mains are in yet, bit of an assumption lol.

All i am trying to say, the day roadmap came out, @Roxx did mention, that they will give more info SOON or rather a couple working days and we would have the info out, but it is already 2 days left for patch. What is so wrong about asking to have this weeks patchnotes?

As loads of people are asking and obviously if we dont have them yet they arent ready lol… I really dont get how this is a hard concept to understand. They will post them when they feel its time, spamming a forum with the same shit accomplishes nothing, especially something as stupid as asking for patch notes days in advanced.

Glavier is already the official name though

I hope they extend naruni as long as possible for that free legendary card pack lol

agree, i just want the mats for glavier though