Don't change honing rates yet

I get it, this topic and name will probably cause a rucus, but please refrain from arguing in my chat over opinions- everyone has their own and that’s okay. Now onto the topic,

I don’t think honing rates shouldn’t be changed nor should a catch up mechanic be added just yet. People are rushing and trying desperately to hit t3, which is fine but in reality it was years of content for Korea. Not only that, but there’s not even that much t3 content out at all. Changing the rates this soon/or adding a catch up mechanic is also a kick in the face for the people who did actually achieve to get to t3, wether that be hundreds of hours spent or money.

Honing simply isn’t going to always work, and it only gets harder the further you go, that’s the way the system works, it’s the way the game you chose to play is. The game shouldn’t be tailored because of people who emphasize the negatives in their experience.

RNG will always be RNG, Some people have more time, others more money- some have better luck and some have worse. A fact is however that everyone will have their times of fortune aswell as misfortune.

Argos is being released in a couple of hours- and as of now not many people have gotten there yet, nor have I- but this shouldn’t be an issue. It’s something to work toward, something to look forward to. What’s the fun in being able to beat everything as soon as possible? Aren’t goals the thing that drives us to keep going? I genuinely think it’s a good thing that we can’t immediately do everything, otherwise things would get old quicker.

I feel a majority of the playerbase is more than fine with the way honing works- but it’s people that emphasize the negative experiences that go and vent about it and want it to be adjusted. Ofcouse eventually there should be a catch up mechanic, but I can’t help but feel it’s much too soon considering the lack of t3 content and the early state the game is in right now.

You could argue some people will have a benefit in income due to being able to hit higher tier content earlier than others- but that’s just the way it is for everyone. Some people have more time, others more money to spend, and some more luck than others. It’s a reality we have to accept, we can’t always be on top of everything and that’s just how it is.

Thank you kindly for reading thru my post- and again please refrain from arguing, or any toxic behaviour within this thread. It’s perfectly fine if you have an opinion but lets try to stay civilized, you don’t have to agree nor agree but this is just my opinion. Good luck to everyone in their honing, but more than anything have fun in your journey thru Lost Ark.


word my friend!

me myself cant play everyday or whenever i want. i have my career and kids, but on my freetime i love to play lost ark.

manage to hit t3 last week and had a decision to make. since i dont want to spend any money on this game (i just like the challenge to minmax everything and try to beat the paysystem, therefore i saved all my tradeable t3 mats and even bought mats for all my gold i farmed. the market for t3 mats will skyrocket now, so atm i have 2 options.

selling my mats for the tripled price and made a huge profit (even if 100k gold basicly are like 30$?) but for me its a big profit as a f2p player.

or just using my mats for honing and enjoy that i made more mats for my main.

but i will sell all my mats for the gold, just because the most important currency for me is: TIME

i realised that even if i use the mats i wont have the time to keep up with other players hours or money investment. so why rush? rather have gold for my chars and when time comes, i can do argos with my friends.

what even are the purpose of nerfing everything and clear all contet as fast as possible?

i want the carrot on a stick, grinding for argos in my own tempo is what makes the game fun for me

What you should do is sell all the mats, transfer the gold into blue crystals while the exchange rate is still cheap.
Once you’ve hoarded 5-10k blue crystals then save your money and ride the buffs to honing rates that they will give in the near future all the way to 1370

A few things to contrast with.

  1. The later a player transitions into Agrus / raiding the harder it’ll be. It won’t be “new” content for those they’re running with. That’s a mess socially. Look at T2 abyssal dungeons, the amount of expectation on people to “already” understand things is quite high.

  2. The way these raids work is in stages. They’re difficult fights. Now we’re going to have a stream of mixed experience people trying to “catch up” because they gating isn’t even remotely equal.

  3. Rewards from these raids. Will the gear sets be sellable? Dearly lord I don’t even want to think of the shit storm that’ll cause if they are. But even then, accessories, stones, honing materials, books, and GOLD. These are weekly “get or never recover” rewards to an account. Sure this isn’t Eve online with ever expanding character levels but it still can easily mimic that knock on effect. You reference that this is just how it is for everyone. Why does that excuse anything? Shouldn’t the ideal to be fair? In prior releases they amount of “GAP” was diminished as others caught up to the same stage the leadings were on. But unless you lucked out like crazy, or you swiped (I’m a 16 hour a day player right now) 1370 is just not reasonable).

  4. Reward? They’ve had the reward, they’ve accomplished the gear progression. Those hours are forever locked in. Period. Done.

I will say that ideally things stay as they are and the other content that isn’t so ilevel gated is released. Or honing rates for entry t3 gets changed. Simply put you’re right that this content is meant to last a long time. BUT that doesn’t standup to the reality that raids are being released.

SG makes the statement that they want people in raids. It has the best retention. Great!
SG / AGS are in a disconnect though, without either providing the time or the efficiency even double digits worth of player population won’t be accessing this content for a few weeks, and the fighting, stress, and general distaste that this release will cause won’t go away.
If they make the mistake of releasing more? Without a long pause or meaningful catch up I truly don’t think I want to deal with the player population at that point. No mmo with releases I know of have this level of content gating, this fast, and at this level of disparity between different player types.

After I read: “me and all my friends are stuck at T1 and T2” i don’t take any of the honing complains seriously anymore. What was the limit? A Day? For both? 30 sec? Why is everbody rushing …for what?