Don't chose wealth rune classes

I’m 1390 shadowhunter I’m at the point where I just CBA keep pushing this class due to one thing …wealth runes. I’m locked out on Nia cus I don’t Google every stupid thing about lost ark and missed the cheese on giving her 15 legendary a to skip the stupid requirements I’ve now got to unlock her for the star I have to do annoying moake eveytime even tho I CBA with that boss at all but left no choice as I need the star which could never drop … I go fast as poss to anyone who calls out the wealth runes in a stronghold merchant but there’s only one for sale and I always get beat …why why why put wealth runes in the most irritating places to get them …my build relys on nothing but these runes to meet its potential it’s some a the most brain-dead shit I’ve actually ever experienced in a mmo …yeh some classes are ok with or without it and some don’t need at all but demonic build its the bread and butter!!! Stupidness so much time,money and effort put into a class Ill actually never get it’s true potential due to these runes … It’s already the most boring class I’ve tried when in normal form you put the shadowhunter metre gains on the worst skills (some not all) but makes it boring and lacks serious damage in this normal form so u need to be getting your meter back with in one rotation or less …these wealth runes are everything … omnious star reward should a been in first 3 if it had to be in them rewards …I’d just stay clear a wealth rune hungry classes there not worth the pain


You alright? You sound like you could need a break. Or maybe quit the game altogether if it’s oh-so-bad.

No seriously. I play three toons with wealth runes and getting at least a blue and a green one aint a big deal. And even if you don’t get them asap, I doubt your class becomes “unplayable”. Suboptimal for sure, but on my toons I dont particularly feel hyper useless without a purple or golden wealth rune.

And if you cba to do content, it’s somewhat your own fault. right?

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I have a 940 shadowhunter ; green, blue & purple wealth rune (they are really easy to get) and i fill my identity meter in almost one full rotation only (missing just a tiny bit, so one little spell).
Pretty sure a 1390 shadowhunter with more stats can do it in one rotation only.

There are minor optimizations you can do in case you can’t reach the one rotation morph, in my case, i know that i can’t and that i need one more spell so i use my shortest cooldown first before the big ones so when i’m at the end of my rotation, my first cooldown is back up, or close to.

Yes being dependant of a rune is frustrating, but come on now, you just have to be patient and you will get those runes.

Take a breather friend. Im also on the hunt. As an ignite sorc i feel your pain. Still waiting on stella or moake to drop me my star aswell lol.

Wealth rune hard to get

oh no, anyway

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can people stop opening up 8 month old threads? :joy:

I use the wealth rune on the prelude of storm ability. It causes me to gain more serenade meter, helping me to buff my party more frequently.

Do you guys understand, that this is the worst suggestion you can do? This game has barely 80k active players at the same time. Everything else are bots. Those 80k are split on regions.
Lost Ark cant lose more players.

The Threadowner is right. This game is insanely casual unfriendly. If you dont spend tons of time in your roster and have insane luck, many rewards will be locked away.

That he CBA about half of the games content just shows, that this content is just not attractive at all. (non of my friends care about it aswell, meanwhile do I have 100% on close to all sidecontent.

Anyway: If this game wont stop being such a hard timewaste in many ways, I see it dying in few months - once we reached KR

true we need more player actually