Dont complain about the bot queues if you are an RMT gold buyer

The simple fact is it’s your fault the bots are overrunning NA west servers 24/7. I always love to hear their arguments.

'the in-game store is predatory, the game itself is a gambling simulator, therefore I am justified into making purchases from 3rd party illegitimate gold seller.

if this is how you feel, you simply stop playing the game. buying from RMT gold sellers is against the TOS; you are lucky AGS/smilegate only gives you a slap on the wrist if caught.


Those who buy RMT are mad that they cant play and prob blame the “poor people” for it. They should be banned, no first offense bull.


Yea and if they don’t ban em, they absolutely need to start negative their gold amount. Imagine being an Rmt dork and waking up to -100000 gold balance.

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Cant wait for the “I have negative gold, is this a bug?” threads.

Well then OP you better stop complaining then.