Dont delay Valtan, release it faster

The waiting is too long.Just give us valtan, south vern is pretty much empty





Yeah. Never understood people complaining about content coming too fast. Sure, Argos was announced a few days before its release, but most complaints were about not having the opportunities to gain honing materials to actually get there.

Why does new content have to be done day one by everyone? I’m not Valtan ready, but I wouldn’t have cared if he came out two weeks ago.

Out of everything that could be better in case of content pacing, for me, the biggest issue is still the dripfeeding of the classes. I think this is also the reason not ‘enough’ players are 1415 yet. The amount of materials and time that go into upgrading from 1302-1415 is huge. I perfectly understand people parking their placeholder mains around 1370-1400 and hoarding mats or leveling alts instead.

Cutting the South Vern content as a result of this doesn’t make things better. Why would people push for 1415 if there’s no content for 1415? What if they spent all their time (perhaps money too) to push, and things get delayed aswel?


We’re in a loop where they delay content because not enough people have the ‘appropriate’ ilvl for the content, and people not pushing their ilvl because there is no content for it, or they are waiting for their class to release.


but ive my guess about what will happen
they locked 1370+ progression this month, no new events, nothing in south vern
we’re getting hard capped by leapstones, even playing alts
im pretty sure they will release Valtan May 19, saying it at the last moment like they did for Argos
considering pushing 1445 with the poor ressources we actually have : swipe if you want to do Hard Mode day 1
this is what happened in KR btw

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Yea i think the most frustrating sentence of the patch notes what when they said that not enough players were 1415 so no Valtan. I am at like 1410 and instead of pushing main I have brought 3 more toons to 1370 so they can farm greater leaps. Now i feel like I am part of the reason it isn’t released when I don’t want to push because its not released.


you should push 1415 if you’re that close. 1415 = 3 una chest per week instead of 2.

Noted. I can tap main tonight since the mats are just sitting there. Thank you.

What do you call the Pass?
I pushed my main to 1415 (From 1410) and an Alt to 1370 (from 1355) with the mats from it and still have leftovers I am not sure which character to use on.
Actually ran out of Gold because of it (and I did run all instances possible on 1x1415, 1x1370, 2x1340 AND sold some resources off for about 2k Gold).

Which was already known way before.
They basically said that when facing Argos backlash…

The thing I am afraid of is, that they might delay him again like suggested in the roadmap…

can you post a screenshot?
I hit 1415 this week, was disappointed that 1340 and 1370 didn’t give more tokens…

yea sure, you will have to wait weekly reset to have this update

Fast releasing of content = players are motivated to progress
Slow releasing of content = active players will leave the game due to no content(some will come back but some wont)


people need to stop thinking that they’re catering to casuals.
They have set a target before releasing Valtan, which is not 50% or something. Maybe about 15% ?
For Argos there was no target and they just released it based on nothing and it was just a bit early.


Yes, however their target is giving them inaccurate information if there is no incentive to motivate players to hit said target.

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Its not casuals complaining tho, 99% of them wouldnt bother coming on forums. its the people who refuse to do their dailies yet wanna do content day 1.


Plus Argos was not early. Just a bunch of whiney, entitled players mad they had to wait a week or so to do it.


Obviously we dont have any accurate numbers on how many players are at 1415, so the only thing i can judge this from is my guilds average ilvl. From 42 members, 20 of them are waiting at 1400 pushing alts since there is nothing beyond that, all these people were recruited in area chat with no ilvl requirement. If you dont give players motivation/goal to progress to, they wont and instead will work on alts.

This!!! People selling unbound mats for 800 g a leap, then mad they can’t do argos day 1. You made a choice not SG/AGS.

That is exactly my point. Every singe one of them was considered “not valtan ready” based on needing to hit 1415 to do it.

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I like how a month ago when i said dont delay valtan i got all types of backlash, players making personal threats to me over a video game, reporting me for causing issues in the community for asking for valtan sooner, now theirs a thread every day about it.

I literally walked so you guys could run


They won’t. They almost couldn’t release glaivier and south vern on April, i would sure like it earlier but thinking that AGS is capable of this after last update is a joke.

you are doing gods work

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