Don't dismiss the outrage

Kind of a closure post for me. Not saying I’m quitting, but I am now actively looking at other games.

We are moving from one issue to another almost seemingly nonstop. I won’t bother going over the earlier months since I have a terrible memory and can’t be bothered to do a history search. But it’s been a giant fuckfest the past 2 months and you guys keep trying to dust it off.

Currently we’re mad af over the April release of artist and the censoring that will take place. That’s on top of the nonstop DC issues that’s plaguing your game. That’s on top of the clusterfuck called pheongate. Then there was the botched Argos release. The massive queues due to bots that took you guys weeks to fix (along with SG celebrating a million accounts). The fucked up economy due to bots. AH fuck up due to bots moving over to selling gems. We can go on.

No one is asking you to be perfect. But we expect a level of professionalism and a functioning game. We would like to play without constant DCs. We would like for you to pay for your mistakes and not expect players to pay it for you. We would like to know beforehand before the first major raid drops. We would like to be able to play the game without waiting for an hour because you couldn’t handle bots. We would like to be able to play with a functioning AH. We would like to be able to play in a functioning and reasonable economy. And we would like for you to stop treating class releases as content for you to dangle over our heads.

Is it hard? Is it too much for us to expect these things? Some things you could say you have no control over. But class release cadence is something you can control. Let’s put things into perspective. If all the classes available were launched at the beginning, no one would bat an eye because that’s to be expected. You got us into accepting trickled release of classes and now somehow people find ways to defend it. The decision behind that was to create hype and have people return in excitement. Those are not my words, but yours. Never mind the fact that retaining players is as easy as maintaining a professional and competent game. You know what you have is a gem. Because it’s wildly successful in Korea. All you have to do is maintain it. You don’t need to create hype to get players back if you don’t lose them in the first place. And it’s not like you didn’t have content for years. Argos, valtan, vykas, clown, brel, and more created down the line. And yet classes have to be drip fed? First back to back releases of glaivier and destroyer. Then telling us once every 2 months. And now artist is coming 4 months after summoner. We still have Aeromancer and Slayer along with soul eater and male scrapper and whatever else is down the pipeline.

TLDR: losing interest because of your shitty management and decisions. Keep dismissing it and you’re gonna go through a slow death next year.

I’ll continue to lurk and play the game because there’s nothing better (and that’s sad). A closure post for me in the sense that I won’t invest that much into this game anymore because I don’t see the situation improving and have zero confidence in SG and AGS. GG


The goal, if you hadn’t already figured it out, is to make as much profit as possible with minimal effort.

In the past, there were game publishers like Aeria Games, which have been replaced by publishers like AGS. For those who have played with this publisher, you have definitely noticed the similarities.

They publish a game, make a lot of money with minimal time, place useless CM in the front lines, and the only changes made “for Western players” are only for their images.

Once the game no longer works, they publish another game and start over (which will happen soon, since they are going to publish two new MMOs, even though they are not even capable of managing one).

They have no intention of communicating with their players, and it will never change. Look at the famous “CM,” which serve as doormats.

Have they ever once given the correct answer to questions? Have their player feedback ever fallen on deaf ears?

In short, continue to hope, but there is nothing to be gained from this company. AGS’s reputation is already ruined, but they literally don’t care (just open your eyes and see what the players think, the reviews are almost unanimous, except for a few white knights, but even for them, the defense is becoming more and more difficult).


I don’t hope no more with AGS and SG. Hence the post.


The funniest part of all this is some people don’t seem to realize that delaying Abrel hard to 4 months means this game is essentially in a no-new content drought for 6+ months. Abrel hard while it may bring about some new mechs to the higher difficulty is not different enough to be categorized as new and exciting content IMO. Rowen, the faction pvp battle(lol supposed to be paired with Rowen), Artist, and even Hanumatan are in the same box. This means that the next new content we are slated for is Elgacia which won’t appear until about 2 months after Abrel HM at the earliest.

I’m usually not a doomer but I feel like this latest Road Map was a major hit to the game’s potential and I fully expect to see many people quit or take long breaks in the coming months. I’m not someone who cares to personally play Artist but not releasing her in advance of Abrel HM was also a massive mistake. The state of supports for end game content is abysmal currently and I actually cringe at thinking of how many supports will be enhanced up to 1560 for Abrel HM. Currently in pugs/semi-statics we are looking at waiting 30(LOLiflucky)+ minutes in a 7/8 party to run. Then the run itself takes a fraction of the time spent waiting.

Lastly, even if you’re ok with lack of content for awhile because you’re burned out on the grind. The issue here is combining lack of content with the shit show that is AGS server management(dc issues) and the rest of the bad decisions from both AGS/SGR combined is not a good look for the health of this game going forward.

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This and the fact that Artist is gonna miss skins from The Witcher collab for no reason without any possibilities to get it after her release.


I’m fine with Brelshaza being 4 months out. It’s extremely taxing to constantly be in a state of honing to try and keep up with content.

I haven’t really had a chance to just build a materials stockpile, was only able to get to 1505 with Brelshaza armor because I got lucky with Fused Leapstone taps after saving 1200 of them to be converted.

Artist being released with Brel Hard is the main issue. I don’t understand their insistence on releasing classes at the same time as raids. If Classes = Content and they’re used to get people to stay with/join the game then you should spread them apart to have something to draw people in to the game each month.

On top of that, it’s better for the people that pick up these classes. It gives them the time to hone up to future content level and acquire the much needed gear sets.


The more SG destroyed the game, the more I’m looking forward for D4. LA is just unplayable with all this DC and restriction.


I actually don’t mind brel hard being delayed a bit. I’m ok with raid pacing. The drip feeding on class release just irks me to no end. Classes that were available should’ve been released. People need to call it out as it is. It’s their way to ensure they make money. Concentrate hype on each class release to maximize player spending on skins and honing.


A serious issue is the server stability.

Having artist come 60 days later is literally not an issue. If you guys are all quitting because you are getting a class later then idk what to say.

By the way, Summoner was supposed to come on January, so we got Summoner 1 month earlier.

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If they were strictly following 2 months schedule Summoner would have been in February. Destroyer and Summoner were both 1 month ‘early’.

waiting for d4 like many of us ! hope it’s not gonna be like diablo immortal, ! coz when they told me it’s a p2w… I don’t even installed it

oh and you play lost ark? yep totaly none p2w game xD

another andy listening to clueless streamers and hate trains

diablo immortal has improved alot, its actually a good game
and if we ignore the game play aspect I would recommand diablo immortal over lost ark by miles


Even if bral HM came out after a month, MOST people wouldnt’ be able to run it. It takes 6 weeks minimum to get all 6 pieces of relic gear assuming your already running G1-6 and LONGER if your just a simple 1490 in G1-2. We already had a P2W whining match when argos came out so close after release that had the dev’s step and say they made a mistake in going to fast, something like that wouldn’t happen again. 4mo is perfectly fine for people get get thru Bral Normal and get the gear and progress into the middle 1500’s.

and honestly having “some” downtime is not a bad thing either. We had about a month between vykas and clown and it gave time for both the more casual crowd to catch up to be clown ready and those that wanted to take a break, the time to do so without fomo.

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actually summoner was inteded as a launch class so…
in fact its 9 months overdue :wink:

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Actually SG received lots of critisism after their latest LOAON.

AGS sometimes stays silent because they have nothing to say.

Just because 50 people go on Karen mode in the forums doesnt mean AGS is siting by idle. Keep those opinions to yourself

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If we don’t show displeasure, they’ll think everything’s fine. If we are so vehement with them, it is because we like the game but the way we are treated is not respectful. You also seem to lack common sense, you should go work at AGS, a place is already waiting for you.


oh thats the last thing you need to worry about

If you keep playing, nothing will change… We must show them the consequences of their choice.

they should get some kind of reward for it.
ags and sg manage to create for every big patch some kind of shitstorm and killed every hype
its an achievement for sure :smiley:


A lot of people don’t understand that AGS is just a messenger and SG is the one who has to make the changes

AGS only can send our issues back, and it’s up to SG to acknowledge them

Which based on how they mentioned it being a “global” game, with no personal mentions of the global version itself (I know it’s for KR, but still)

Along with some of the posts I see here, Reddit, etc.


So AGS takes the blame for everything, because SG won’t

Yay scapegoat

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