Dont feel tanky at all on destroyer

Made new destroyer gave it the free 302 gear did quest to unlock chaos and guadian raid … setup skills accordingly for both gameplay … On the jouney everything gets 1 shot
feels good

Go into raid Lumee boss Rapes me over n over n over … Is it because i dont have endure pain yet and should i put tenacity in all the skills that has it for now at this low level?

running lvl 2 rage hammer and lvl 2 supercharge, gonna try get lvl 3 rage from this abys dungeon hopefully can max those 2 engravings out…

any tips?


just kidding, my main is destroyer, I have cursed doll + grudge, and I can face tank every mechanism in valtan hard except wipes, it also has tons of push immues, I think it will get better after you get at least 1370+, and decent tripods


well its only ike in T1 right now lol …

im not that bad u know i still even be getting 4-6 kills in pvp and in the top row or the MVP for damage dealth to boss

but them boss be hitting me so hard, i kinda got the timings right a bit to start charging up to bonk the boss real hard but mannn when i get hit T___T

its an alt so i do have good runes n good cards n more skill points. I dont remember taking so much damage with my noob DB lolol

Must be cause im missing endure pain … hes only iLevl 360, so u suggest use all the tenacity available to me then? Most the builds on uToob aint use tenacity on some of them

im still working my way through tier 2 on a destroyer, since i didnt have any passes or anything for him.

endure pain is huge, but not what I use to tank a majority of things. its when I use the 3 cores purple skills and get that massive shield is really when I tank things. so use a couple of blues while dodging and weaving, then just let em have it with a perfect swing or earth eater and not worry about what is coming your way :slight_smile: not to mention if you are really in a spot, big bang ult can also be used as a bit of a damage reduction

tank? whats that? just dodge.

AHhhh aigt well thanks for the tip so ima just put tenacity on all them skills that i can put it on and see what happens…

once i get T2 and can get 3 engravings up, ima switch em over again to Meta build

got 1420 destroyer, rage hammer 3, barricade 3, super charge 3 and master brawler 2. I face tank almost everything so far. OF course there are abilities that i need to dodge or activate dmg reduction but its still tankier than any other character that i played before. You need to know fights to be able to do good dps and dont die.

I also can’t agree with that. So far my Destroyer is at 1370+ and he is absolutely tanky. Everytime you use one of the purple skills you get a shield and when you pop your class mechanic (using gravity training btw) you get a massive shield.
Also you get several tripods to negate some of the damage.

It is tanky af.

My destroyer is like 1355 only. With super charge and enough swiftness you can stand and beat the hell out of the same level guardian.

Every purple skills got shield if you have enough orbs. With push immunity you are like a rock in front of boss. Just not to face roll your keyboard when hitting blue skills.

Plus that insane amount of stagger. Guardian s are like nvr stand up in front of me lol

But of course, you still need to dodge wipe mechanic. It is a pain in as with boss with high mobility but destroyer is surely super tanky, i would say just after GL.

Youre not a tank, but you can take defensive engravings if you want to feel tankier.

nah nah didnt say i was … just thought it would have been/feel a bit more sturdy after watching videos etc lke everyone be saying how they can soak the damage from certain things etc, i did do a few changes tho… so im good now @ilvl 460

Youll get beefier as time goes on as well

No class is really tanky by default. Event at T3 if I just stand there on my gunlancer and Yoho jumps on my ass, that’s almost 20% of my HP gone. If I just DPS like an ape during her starfall that’s probably going to cost me half of my HP if I get RNGed.

For every single class that is considered tanky in this game the tankiness comes from mainly three things:

  1. timing your shields and / or damage reductions
  2. timing your push immunities
  3. knowing the fight (so you can do 1 and 2 effectively)

For gunlancers this means using your Shout shield, Nellasia’s shield, Defensive Stance and spacebar properly. For destroyer that means using your Endure Pain, Gravity Release shields and spacebar (especially at lower levels since you will likely be missing important tripods). If needed you can also use Protection runes on regular skills, especially if the skill has Tenacity.

If you’re getting wrecked by Lumerus of all things then chances are you either aren’t using the above correctly or just don’t know the fight. It’s a VERY unfriendly guardian for front attack classes because most of his safespots are behind him. Luckily you can interrupt a bunch of his stuff with Endure Pain (assuming the taunt works the same as on gunlancer).

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finaly finished shusire n got endure pain, added tenacity to the release skills … and tried not to go ham on front attack … guess who aint taking much damage now :slight_smile: … i know the fights my main is in the 1420 Deathblade…

It was just me “overthinking” the class… guides n youtube be like u can tank mechanics so there i was trying to do liek Law, Luffy and kid (if u watch onepiece u will know my reference)

i also have a 1360 paladin which i never use anything other than 1 or 2 blue pots in ALL fights so far (sure ima start needing to use elemental once i decide to go 1400+ on it)

so i slow down and play smart doing much better now… pvp on a desroyer be fun tho :slight_smile:

Go into PvP bro. Literally unstaggerable LOL (im Gunlancer main, Destroyer main-alt :wink:

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I carried 3 players in Chromamium yesterday after 3 of them died for some reason to a slow turtle. I stood in all AoE by timing my purple skills, endure pain and gravity release.

After playing Destroyer, I kinda regret pouring resources into my zerker who is now at 1370. It could’ve been used to fast track Destroyer instead. Sadge.

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kinda tempting me to use my free pass on my destroyer (didnt like laimiers so) but i prefer playing it from ground up, learning the class properly…

I went in thinking its a tank n can just take hits cause maybe it has high defence… not knowing its the skills that i need to use n time perfectly, now i just watch as others die around me (low level content)

Not even sorcs i Fear (neer did cause main is a DB) i just face stomp them everytime oh u try blink away well take this dash in ur direction thats followed by a stun

Even after the pass you are low enough for that. You get the hang of it pretty fast. I find it very rewarding and easy to play. Actually the perfect class for me so far in this game :smiley:
You don’t need to time it perfectly but you should be aware of how your shields work and dodge from stuff if you have no shield and so on.

yeap I love the class more now that ive been playing it from the ground up… hek i even manage to complete things that i skimmed over rushing main n other alts to 50…

so tuff cause i can see me making it my new main after i worked so hard on my DB LOL