Don't forget to create an support alt with your 1370 boost!

Support shortage this, support shortage that. Consider getting yourself a Bard or Paladin for your 1370 express. Slap Class 3 and Awakening 3 on it with proper stats and hop straight into Argos P3. Easiest and most economic alt you can have - it will be 1415 in no time.

Be the change you want to see!


Express is not a boost and it might ask you to do something terrible like complete X part of thronespire as a mission.


Ah, yes - the express event that gets you to 1370 will make you run 1370 content. For sure buddy!

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Theres no shortage of supports for Argos. Most groups dont even need a support anymore. Most dps players that arent dog dont need support for Valtan either.

Support shortage starts now at Vykas and it will always be like this. The shortage will be at the upper end.


Support shortage is something that exist in every game with support\carry\dps character divisions. With our predatory publishers, getting a “free” character is a huge thing for people who want to play another class as well. Sacrificing that for a support that most people will not like playing, which is the exact reason of shortage of ones in every such game, would be not very smart. Do not create characters that you don’t enjoy playing.


This is true

Very easy to make a 3x3 or even a 4x3 Support on the cheap and be raid ready from 1370 to Vykas HM without any further effort at all.

You’ll have an alt that is needed, easy parties to find and you might actually even decide to push past 1370. Most people who end up making a DPS class they don’t really want is just going to be a lopang alt in the end.

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Yes well having a roster with your 17th DPS class on it also isn’t super useful to you, the player or those around you filling parties either.

Yes all games have support issues, but in a game where you have 23 DPS options and 2 Support options (and both support classes being pretty linear to play) and also a game that emphasizes clearing whatever mundane task you need to do fast, most mains never even considered support, nor have they tried one.

Players might be surprised how much fun a Paladin can be zipping around the battle field, while still having decent and cheap setups to clear your solo content.

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It won’t get better if people aren’t willing to become part of the solution, that’s for sure. Not that I really mind, I main support, but I see how it goes on my DPS alts and oh boy it must absolutely suck on 1460+.

Now is a good time to roll up your sleeves and get onto it. Basically pays for itself aswell.

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Boosting up another paladin to help my guildies out with Vykas and such.

I’m doing my part.

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I want a bard to go with my 1480 pally but the idea of slogging through t1 and 2 again with no powerpass is just a big no.

Ive done it too many times, and whatever challenges they have on the express will 100% be more annoying to do as a support.

I…I just cant do it all again.
I’m too weak.

What is it now? 1370-1415 is honing hell or easy I’m confused.

Although I think you have a point that more choice would be better in this scenario I think the root of the supportproblem is the ratio in this game. No other game I played had a 1 in 4 support ratio in wow its around 1 in 5-5.7 also in the most other games I played its around 5+ .

PS 1370 already has an abundance of support alts btw. Atleast in EU.

Oh it’s terrible here.

Imagine balancing the game and thinking lets make 23 DPS classes and then setup boss fights to require some level of support, at least while they learn… then create 2 support classes and say that should be fine.

It should be something like 18 and 5 and the supports should be more fleshed out and enjoyable. Sure Artist will help but that is so far down the line most players are going to have full rosters already either way so it changes little.

1370 has an abundance of everything, it’s super easy to drag an alt there to farm you GHL and Lopang and just let it sit for months building up bound materials should you ever want to take it further.

Most other games you can dual role as well and swap to a full dps or full support/healer/tank setup and also had more of a fleshed out actual experience around your class. Here it is DPS/SUPPORT go kill the boss.

Sure thing, as soon as Artist is an option.

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Yeah I really dont want to waste this express pass on any current classes, but I am going to want the rewards from the pass… so bleh.

Rather make an Artist over a Bard, already have a Paladin.

As a support it is easy because you can hop straight into P3 as a 1370.

Last time I did a carryswap with my mate on Argos it’s alot harder to find spots for supports than for dd’s. There’s an abundance of 1370 supports hoping for a carry in p3, nothing easy about that believe me.

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Haha nah

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you misunderstand something. people want healers in their group and not play one themselves

Bard Main here - The Pala will be boosted <3

I think that this is a horrible advice. If I’m playing support then there’s about 0% chance that I get a teammate who’s playing support to back my fat DPS up and save me gold, smh