! don't have a class want to play

Why rush to bring a new patch so quickly? Even though the original class hasn’t arrived yet.
Not everyone is waiting for a popular class. We need a new class sooner(original class), not a kr patch.
–New patch but don’t have a class to play.–
arcana and summoner player so sad… TT

No class to play? Sadge. You should pick mage and play her in trixion. I heard that way you can transform into summoner anytime you want while you run around with beatrice

I really hate this argument

I understand your pain but you lose nothing by having others be able to do valtan before your char comes out

it literally doesn’t hurt you unless you’re trying to merch off of day 1 valtan gold, other than that, it’s way better to hit valtan later as it means cheaper and cheaper prices

you’re just asking for every player whos at valtan level to suffer just like you are suffering w/o your class which is dumb

either way, I agree they should delay valtan until my main aeromancer and female zerker come out, nobody should get to do content before me

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you are not alone for either summoner waiting room or arcana waiting room. a topic for this first is on this forum (“general discussion”) and another for arcana in class discussion. You will see, clearly not alone.

Be patient, and prepare the roster. hoard mats to push her fast when she reaches t3. The content won’t disappear.
Myself stop my current main 1400 and pushing alt one after other to 1370-1385 (remains quite easy) to better help summoner when she is released :wink:

Majority of people don’t wait for the missing classes, the problem is more about this slow release pace on classes than faster release pace on content.