Don't have main quest after server crash last night

I don’t know how get do my main quest now.
I got done with stormcry grotto and the female pirate was giving me a ride when the server went down.
I looked in wavestrand port and there are only normal quests not a main quest.

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Hello @johnm4627!

Welcome to the Lost Ark forums! We’re happy that you are here.

I am sorry to know that your main story quest is missing after a server downtime.

Our team is aware of this issue & working to fix this soon. I would really appreciate your patience interim.

I will also let you know here once there is any further update from the team on this.

Thank you for your patience & understanding.

Have a good day!

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Hello @johnm4627 Welcome to our Lost Ark Forum!

I want to apologize about this situation, we are very aware of this issue already and our community manager has made an announcement of it too, you can see it here:

I recommend you to please follow the instructions stated on this thread by first opening a live chat with a representative here Contact Us | Amazon Games then provide your character name, explain you were on the Galatur server, and outline what is missing from your account. The team will verify the info and will try to help!

Again i am sorry for this inconvenience, feel free to tag me if you have any other questions.

Ive been in contact with you guys for well over 6-8 hours now today. not inclluding the time after the servers first came back up. ive sent in multiple tickets and chat with live agents. sent in and done everything asked. Still , have had no response as to a Time frame fix or what to expect. SO , what can we expect ? global launch is tomorrow. Is this the support our $100 founder packs get us? im just so mind blown its taken 10+ hours at this point and still no fix or even word on how to get a fix or what the process is / time frame. so please , any further info you have. Would be greatly appreciated.


@Giorno @KingOfHearts
I just got message from amazon 7 hours after I filed a ticket with them and about 14 hours after servers came back up.
They are saying they couldn’t resolve issue and it will take 2-5 days to fix.

So I paid to play the game but now I can not progress. Are you considering any type of compensation? Trust me I would rather be playing because usually any compensation that is given is not enough to actually make up for the lost time.

any update?