Don't know what you did, but today is the first day matchmaking is broken in EU

I needed 20 tries to join a simple dungeon for 4. This had never happened and I have played every day since launch.

Lucky you actually even got there. I can’t get in any matchmade content for the second day today on Kadan EU. Very frustrating when tomorrow is the weekly reset and you can’t even do an abyss dungeon…

Is been happening since the boosted the capacity on EU servers. Every time that reaches peak times there is just too many people in the WHOLE region server, queuing for dungeons at the same time + we breaking the store also for the number of people going in and out of it.

Take in mind guys EU Central has 19 servers (way more than any other region atm) and we chare matchmaking with all of these servers. This is just an overload to do anything at peak time. This was my worry some since the first time they did maintenance on server capacity. After Day 1 after that maintenance, it wasn’t so bad but then they did it a second time for EU again now is insane almost unplayable until people start to log out to go to sleep. I mean I appreciate that they tried to alleviate the login queues but not gameplay has been very laggy when you want to do content with friends.