Don't nerf Deathblade, buff everything else to be like DB

Basically the title.

I come from GW2 and that game’s PvP is trash only because they have a couple OP specs and the rest are just playing catch up to reach it’s power.

What they should do is avoid what most MMOs do which is nerf a single class like DB and make it sub-par like the rest when instead they should buff the rest of the classes to match the power of the DB.

For example:

  • Nerf Sorc CC by 0.5 sec but add Super Armor on abilities

  • Nerf Berserker DPS by 10% but reduce CDs by 35% to compensate

Doing stuff like this will balance classes while also making them all fun to play at the same time.

What do you guys think?

DB Surge is getting nerfed whether you like it or not. The class is overpowered.


This type of thinking is what will kill this game.

In before elysd, Stunbott or okayAndy say l2p

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Or just nerf deathblade, alot easier to do then work on a bunch of other classes :slight_smile:


u are crazy db need nerf asp tons of cc protection tons of cc tanky big moblity big dmg crazy op combo awaking+surge wtfis this class

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Deathblade has too much hadouken

nobody wants to play a game where everybody has a truckload of super armors.

i do? these types of games require way more skill

the only way you can carry individually in a 3v3 is if you have the option to do something without getting CCed

it’s always the same few low lifes that sit in the forums all day and complain about classes

no one ever new, or experienced. Wonder why that is? Maybe lay off the wank and weed for a while so your reaction time isn’t total trash

You literally described yourself

Lmao okay. Nice comeback I guess. You play the forums more than the game itself it seems, no wonder why you’re so mad.

These forums are a total cesspool of trash just looking through here. Nothing but low skilled cry babies especially for a game that has been out for years. Unfortunate really. Hopefully smilegate doesn’t listen to these trolls.

You’ve probably commented l2p or insulted other players on here more than you’ve actually pressed QWER in game, I will voice my opinion on Blade as it’s my right to do so and this is the lost ark arena forums. If you don’t want to interact don’t respond to me

You are correct, but the bottom line is that it don’t matter what we think. The balance is around Koreans always has been always will be.

If you’re a good ranged player, a Blade shouldn’t even be able to touch you. There’s a reason Blade maxes out at A-tier on every list. It’s a strong class, but it’s predictable and easily countered if you know what you’re doing.

ok he we gone again , in ranked we fight 3vs3 so if DEATH BLADE HAVE BARD or pld for peel its god . monster. allmighty broken op shit ok?

Your mere existence on these forums are an insult to everyone here buddy

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Thank you. I take pleasure in the fact that my opinions bother you so much.


Crying for nerfs aren’t opinions they’re just cries for attention

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You running out of shit to say or what lol